Soft Shaft Hard Shaft 40 Chrome-plated Rod Optical Shaft


The Soft Shaft, Hard Shaft, 40 Chrome-plated Rod, Optical Shaft is a high-quality industrial system featuring a chrome-plated rod and an optical shaft. This product, customizable to user requirements, ensures efficient linear motion, making it ideal for various applications such as industrial robots, electronics, and automation devices. It combines durability and performance for an effective solution to your industry needs.

Soft Shaft Hard Shaft 40 Chrome-plated Rod Optical Shaft

Are you in search of a durable, reliable, and high-performance shaft system for your industrial needs? Look no further, ZLV has the perfect solution with our Soft Shaft, Hard Shaft, 40 Chrome-Plated Rod, and Optical Shaft.


ZLV‘s shaft system features a straight optical shaft that guides the sliding bearing, facilitating efficient linear motion. The system is designed with an emphasis on sturdy and durable materials, high-frequency heat treatment, precise outer diameter dimensions, true roundness, straightness, and surface treatment.


Parameters WCSΦ40
Outer diameter (D) 40
Tolerance G6 -0.009-0.025
Quenching thickness (Hard Shaft) 2.5
Quenching thickness (Soft Shaft) 0
Load (N/M) 2000
Weight (KG/M) 9.87
Unit Price/Meter (USD) 13

Soft Shaft Hard Shaft 40 Chrome-plated Rod Optical Shaft drawing


  • Ordinary Straight Optical Shaft (SF): This shaft requires a high surface hardness due to the direct contact with linear bearing points. The material selection and heat treatment are critical to its functionality. It’s made of SUJ2 material (equivalent to GCr15 in Chinese standard), with a hardness level of HRC60±2, a hardened layer depth of 0.8-3mm, a surface roughness of Ra0.10m-Ra0.35m, and a straightness of 70um/1000mm below.
  • Chrome-Plated Straight Optical Shaft (SFC): Based on the ordinary straight optical shaft, this version is coated with a layer of hard chromium, making it suitable for environments prone to rust or poor conditions. It is extensively used in industrial robots and automatic sliding systems.
  • Chrome-Plated Straight Soft Shaft (RSFC): Due to its thick chromium layer, this shaft is ideal for precision piston rods and some self-lubricating bearings. With its moderate hardness, it’s widely used across various fields.
  • Stainless Steel Straight Shaft: This shaft boasts high corrosion resistance, strength, and wear resistance, ensuring efficient performance. It can be applied in places prone to oxidation such as water, chemical drugs, steam, seawater, etc.
  • Chrome-Plated Hollow Shaft: Thanks to its hollow structure, this shaft significantly reduces weight and simplifies the structure. Its interior is suitable for inserting measuring wires, compressed air, adding lubricating oil, or used for robot arms.

Material Analysis

ZLV’s shafts are built with robust and durable materials for long-lasting performance. The ordinary straight optical shaft and chrome-plated straight optical shaft are made of SUJ2 (equivalent to GCr15), while the chrome-plated straight soft shaft is made from either 45#, 40Cr, or 2Cr13, depending on customer needs. The stainless steel straight shaft uses SUS404C or SUS304, depending on the specific requirements.


The ZLV shaft system finds a wide range of applications in industrial robots, various electronic devices/guides, transmission shafts, pillars, electronics, packaging, chemical medicine, textiles, printing, engineering, transportation, steel, mining, hydraulic cylinders, gas cylinders, operating rods, adjustment rods, linear motion, automation devices, and more. It’s the optimal choice for light industry, heavy industry, hydraulic pneumatic, printing packaging, textile dyeing, die-casting machines, injection molding machines, sliding devices, and other mechanical industries.

With ZLV, you are assured of quality, durability, and value for your investment. Customize your product to suit your specific needs and enjoy the benefits of a well-designed and thoughtfully crafted shaft system.

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