Soft Shaft Hard Shaft 4 Chrome-plated Rod Optical Shaft


The Soft Shaft Hard Shaft WCS4 Chrome-plated Rod Optical Shaft is a high-performance product for precision engineering. It’s designed for linear motion systems requiring robustness, excellent performance, and low maintenance. Available in five categories, each with specific features and applications, it offers customization to meet diverse needs.

Soft Shaft Hard Shaft 4 Chrome-plated Rod Optical Shaft

ZLV, a leading name in the world of precision engineering, is proud to introduce the Soft Shaft Hard Shaft 4 Chrome-plated Rod Optical Shaft. This product is uniquely designed for high-performance applications, providing a guiding role with sliding bearings that enables precise linear motion.


This optical shaft offers unparalleled performance, designed with robust materials, high-frequency heat treatment, accurate outer diameter sizes, true roundness, straightness, and superior surface treatments. For example, the WCS4 model with an outer diameter of 4, features a quenching thickness of 0.6mm, capable of handling a load of 220N/M, and weighs only 0.1KG/M.

The product specification chart is as follows:

Specification Value
Model WCSΦ4
Outer Diameter 4
Tolerance G6 -0.004-0.012
Quenching Thickness (mm) 0.6
Load (N/M) 220
Weight (KG/M) 0.1
Price (USD/Meter) 1.5

Soft Shaft Hard Shaft 4 Chrome-plated Rod Optical Shaft drawing


ZLV offers five categories of linear optical shafts:

  1. Regular Linear Optical Shaft (SF): Features high surface hardness due to contact with the bearing point, making the choice of material and heat treatment methods crucial. Made of suj2 (equivalent to the Chinese standard gcr15) with a hardness of hrc60±2, surface roughness ra0.10m-ra0.35m, and straightness below 70um/1000mm.
  2. Chrome-plated Linear Optical Shaft (SFC): Builds upon the regular shaft by adding a layer of hard chrome, making it suitable for rust-prone or harsh environments. It finds extensive application in industrial robots and automatic sliding systems.
  3. Chrome-plated Linear Soft Shaft (RSFC): Noted for its thicker chrome plating, this shaft can be directly used for precision piston rods and certain self-lubricating bearings. Given its moderate hardness, it has diverse applications.
  4. Stainless Steel Linear Shaft: Offers high corrosion resistance, strength, and wear resistance, ensuring efficient operation. It is particularly suitable for oxidation-prone environments such as water, chemicals, steam, and seawater.
  5. Chrome-plated Hollow Shaft: Its hollow structure reduces weight and simplifies design. The interior is suitable for inserting measuring wires, compressed air, adding lubricating oil, or use in robotic arms.


The ZLV optical shaft is applicable in various sectors, such as electronics, packaging, chemical medical, textile, printing, engineering, transportation, steel, mines, hydraulic cylinders, gas cylinders, and many others. It’s ideal for guiding rods, transmission shafts, pillars, and automation devices. It’s also the top choice for light industries, heavy industries, hydraulic and pneumatic devices, printing packaging, textile printing and dyeing, die casting machines, injection molding machines, sliding devices, and other machinery industries.

The WCS4 can be customized to suit specific requirements, guaranteeing optimum performance at a unit price of USD 1.5 per meter. ZLV invites you to experience the future of precision linear motion with its innovative optical shafts.


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