Soft Shaft Hard Shaft 20 Chrome-plated Rod Optical Shaft


The Soft Shaft Hard Shaft 20 Chrome-plated Rod Optical Shaft is an essential component in systems requiring linear motion. Available in different types, including standard, chrome-plated, soft, stainless steel, and hollow shafts, it serves various applications in industries like robotics, electronics, and machinery. Customization options are also offered, ensuring precise operational needs are met.

Soft Shaft Hard Shaft 20 Chrome-plated Rod Optical Shaft

Welcome to a comprehensive examination of the ZLV Soft Shaft Hard Shaft 20 Chrome-Plated Rod Optical Shaft. This product is a central component in many systems requiring linear motion, such as industrial robots, electronic devices, and numerous automation applications.


Here are the specific parameters for the model WCSΦ20:

Feature Specification
Outer diameter 20 mm
Tolerance G6 -0.007 – 0.020 mm
Quenching thickness 1.5 mm
Hard shaft load 800 N/M
Weight 2.47 KG/M
Unit price per meter 2.5 USD

Note: Customization options are available on request.

Soft Shaft Hard Shaft 20 Chrome-plated Rod Optical Shaft drawing


This product comes in five different types, each with specific properties to meet various needs:

  1. Standard Linear Optical Shaft (SF): These shafts require high surface hardness due to their point-to-point contact with linear bearings. Their material and heat treatment method are critical, with a standard made from suj2 (equivalent to gcr15) and a hardness of hrc60±2. The hardening layer depth ranges from 0.8-3mm, and the shaft’s outer diameter tolerance is g6.
  2. Chrome-Plated Linear Optical Shaft (SFC): This type builds on the standard shaft with a hard chrome layer. It is also referred to as a bearing rod, which is ideal for environments prone to rust or adverse conditions. They are extensively used in industrial robots and automatic sliding system devices.
  3. Chrome-Plated Linear Soft Shaft (RSFC): This type has a thicker chrome plating, making it ideal for precision piston rods and for pairing with self-lubricating bearings. Because of its moderate hardness, it finds application in many areas.
  4. Stainless Steel Linear Shaft: These shafts are highly resistant to corrosion, strong, and wear-resistant, ensuring their efficient performance. Therefore, they can be applied in oxidizing environments such as water, chemical substances, steam, and seawater.
  5. Chrome-Plated Hollow Shaft: These shafts are lighter due to their hollow structure, simplifying their design. The internal space is suitable for embedding measurement wires, compressing air, adding lubricating oil, or use in robotic arms.


The material used depends on the type of shaft. Here are the respective materials:

  • Standard Linear Optical Shaft (SF): SUJ2 (GCr15 equivalent)
  • Chrome-Plated Linear Optical Shaft (SFC): SUJ2 (GCr15 equivalent)
  • Chrome-Plated Linear Soft Shaft (RSFC): Either 45#, 40Cr, or 2Cr13
  • Stainless Steel Linear Shaft: SUS404C, SUS304
  • Chrome-Plated Hollow Shaft: Material depends on customer requirements.


The ZLV Soft Shaft Hard Shaft 20 Chrome-Plated Rod Optical Shaft is widely used in various industries and applications, including but not limited to:

  • Industrial robots
  • Various electronic devices
  • Guiding rods and transmission shafts
  • Supports in electronic, packaging, chemical medical, textile, printing, engineering, transport, steel, mining
  • Hydraulic cylinders, gas cylinders, operation rods, adjustment rods
  • Linear motion and automation devices in light and heavy industry
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Printing and packaging machinery
  • Textile and dyeing machinery
  • Die-casting machines, injection molding machines
  • Sliding devices in various mechanical industries

These versatile applications make the ZLV optical shafts the best choice in the respective industries. Each type of shaft has unique properties that make it particularly suited for specific applications. Whether you’re in need of a standard, chrome-plated, soft, stainless steel, or hollow shaft, ZLV has the perfect product to meet your requirements.


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