Soft Shaft Hard Shaft 16 Chrome-plated Rod Optical Shaft


The Soft Shaft Hard Shaft 16 Chrome-plated Rod Optical Shaft is a high-performing, customisable component, vital in various industries. This product ensures smooth linear motion with its accurate dimensions, top-notch materials, and advanced heat treatments. It offers superior performance, low maintenance, and wide application across industrial and mechanical fields.

Soft Shaft Hard Shaft 16 Chrome-plated Rod Optical Shaft

The ZLV Soft Shaft, Hard Shaft 16 Chrome-Plated Rod Optical Shaft is an indispensable component in an array of machinery. The linear optical shaft, equipped with sliding bearings, serves as a guide for products performing linear motion. It offers a simple design, superior performance, and low maintenance costs. Fabricated with high-grade, durable materials and subjected to high-frequency heat treatment, the shaft ensures accurate outer diameter, true roundness, straightness, and optimal surface treatment.


Here’s a table providing specifications for our model, WCSΦ16:

Specification Value
Outer Diameter (D) 16
Tolerance G6 -0.006-0.017
Quenching thickness (mm) 1.5 (hard shaft)
Load (N/M) 650
Weight (KG/M) 1.58
Unit price (USD/meter) 2.2

This optical shaft can be customized to fit any required specifications.

Soft Shaft Hard Shaft 16 Chrome-plated Rod Optical Shaft drawing


The Optical Shaft comes in several variants:

  1. Standard Linear Optical Shaft (SF): The Standard Linear Optical Shaft (SF) requires a high surface hardness due to its point contact with the linear bearing. Material selection and heat treatment methods play an essential role. It is made of SUJ2 (equivalent to GCr15 in Chinese standards), with a hardness of HRC60±2, a hardened layer depth of 0.8-3mm, surface roughness between Ra0.10m and Ra0.35m, and a linearity less than 70um/1000mm.
  2. Chrome-plated Linear Optical Shaft (SFC): The Chrome-plated Linear Optical Shaft (SFC) applies a layer of hard chrome on the standard shaft, also known as the bearing rod. It is suitable for rust-prone or challenging environments and extensively used in industrial robots and automatic slippage system devices.
  3. Chrome-plated Soft Shaft (RSFC): The Chrome-plated Soft Shaft (RSFC) has a thick layer of chrome, making it ideal for precision piston rods and some self-lubricating bearings. Its moderate hardness finds applications in numerous fields.
  4. Stainless Steel Linear Shaft: The Stainless Steel Linear Shaft offers high corrosion resistance, strength, and wear resistance for efficient performance. Hence, it is suitable for oxidation-prone environments like water, chemical substances, steam, and seawater.
  5. Chrome-plated Hollow Shaft: The Chrome-plated Hollow Shaft, owing to its hollow structure, significantly reduces weight and simplifies the design. It is ideal for inserting measurement wires, compressed air, lubricating oil, or for use in robot arms.


Materials vary depending on the type of shaft, ranging from SUJ2 (or equivalent) to 45# steel, 40Cr, 2Cr13, and stainless steel SUS404C, SUS304. The hardness, hardened layer depth, linearity, and surface roughness differ based on the type of shaft.


The linear optical shaft finds widespread applications in industrial robots, various electronic devices, guide rods, transmission shafts, pillars, and more. The wide range of applications includes electronics, packaging, chemical medical, textiles, printing, engineering, transportation, steel, mining, hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, operation rods, adjustment rods, linear motion, automation devices, light industry, heavy industry, hydraulics, printing packaging, textile printing and dyeing, die casting machines, injection molding machines, slippage devices, and other mechanical industries.

This ZLV product can be tailored to meet specific needs, rendering it a top choice for diverse industrial applications.

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