Soft Shaft Hard Shaft 150 Chrome-plated Rod Optical Shaft


The Soft Shaft Hard Shaft 150 Chrome-plated Rod Optical Shaft is a durable and precision-engineered component used in industrial machinery. It guides sliding bearings for effective linear movements, offering high performance, low maintenance, and adaptability to various conditions. Tailored customizations are available to fit specific requirements.

Soft Shaft Hard Shaft 150 Chrome-plated Rod Optical Shaft

The ZLV Soft Shaft Hard Shaft 150 Chrome-plated Rod Optical Shaft is an industrial-grade component designed to provide guidance for sliding bearings, enabling products to execute linear movements. This crucial function requires a design that is not only simple but also efficient in performance. At the same time, it aims to keep maintenance costs at a minimum, using only the most robust and durable materials for manufacturing. Our strict adherence to precision in parameters such as outer diameter dimensions, true roundness, straightness, and surface treatment ensure optimal performance.

Here is a detailed look at the product’s key specifications:

Parameter Value
Model WCSΦ150
Outer Diameter (D) 150
Tolerance G6 -0.14-0.039
Quenching Thickness 3.5 (Hard Shaft)
Quenching Thickness 0 (Flexible Shaft)
Load (N/M) 8000
Weight (KG/M) 139
Unit Price/Meter (USD) 60

Soft Shaft Hard Shaft 150 Chrome-plated Rod Optical Shaft drawing


1. General Linear Optical Axis (SF)

The General Linear Optical Axis (SF) is high in surface hardness due to its face-to-face contact with the linear bearing point. This makes the material and heat treatment methods significant. The material used is SUJ2 (equivalent to the national standard GCr15), with a hardness of HRC60±2. The hardening layer depth ranges between 0.8-3mm, and the surface roughness between Ra0.10m-Ra0.35m. The straightness is less than 70um/1000mm, and the shaft outer diameter tolerance is G6.

2. Chrome-plated Linear Optical Axis (SFC)

The Chrome-plated Linear Optical Axis (SFC) is a hardened chrome layer applied to the General Linear Optical Axis, also known as a bearing rod. It is suitable for environments prone to rust or harsh conditions, making it ideal for industrial robots and automatic slip system devices.

3. Chrome-plated Linear Flexible Axis (RSFC)

The Chrome-plated Linear Flexible Axis (RSFC), with its thick chrome layer, can be used directly for precision piston rods and some self-lubricating bearings. Given its moderate hardness, it has a wide range of applications. The material used can be 45#, 40Cr, or 2Cr13, with hardness in the range of HB220-260, hardening layer depth of 0.8-3mm, straightness less than 0.15mm/1000mm, and chrome layer thickness between 0.02-0.05mm.

4. Stainless Steel Linear Axis

The Stainless Steel Linear Axis, made from SUS404C or SUS304, boasts high corrosion resistance, strength, and wear resistance to maintain efficient performance. As such, it is suited for applications where oxidation is likely, such as water, chemicals, steam, seawater, etc.

5. Chrome-plated Hollow Axis

The Chrome-plated Hollow Axis is distinguished by its hollow structure, significantly reducing weight and simplifying the structure. Its interior is suitable for inserting measuring wires, compressed air, adding lubricating oil, or for use in robot arms.


The ZLV Soft Shaft Hard Shaft 150 Chrome-plated Rod Optical Shaft is widely used in various applications such as industrial robots, all kinds of electronic devices/guiding rods, transmission shafts, pillars, as well as in industries like electronics, packaging, chemical medicine, textile, printing, engineering, transportation, steel, mining, hydraulic cylinders, gas cylinders, operating rods, adjustment rods, linear motion, automation devices and more. This optical shaft is an excellent choice for machinery in light industries, heavy industries, hydraulics, printing and packaging, textile dyeing, die-casting machines, injection molding machines, and sliding devices.

This product can be customized to meet specific customer requirements. Trust ZLV for providing you with products that stand for precision, robustness, and efficiency.

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