SFY4080 6.35mm Milled Mute Self Lubricating Heavy Duty Ball Screw


The SFY4080 6.35mm Milled Mute Self Lubricating Heavy Duty Ball Screw provides high precision, efficiency, and durability. Featuring low friction, high speed feed, and axial rigidity, this product offers excellent performance. With customizability, it meets diverse industrial requirements.

SFY4080 6.35mm Milled Mute Self Lubricating Heavy Duty Ball Screw

As an eminent name in the industry, ZLV specializes in producing superior quality ball screws that provide effective solutions for various mechanical applications. Our products, such as the SFY4080 6.35mm Milled Mute Self Lubricating Heavy Duty Ball Screw, offer a unique blend of high performance, durability, and precision.


Here are the detailed product specifications:

Model SFY4080
Shaft Diameter (d/mm) 40
Lead (I/mm) 40
Steel Ball Diameter (mm) 6.35
Nut Size D: 73, A: 114, B: 15, L: 90, W: 93, H: 75, X: 11,Q: M6, n: 0.8*2
Load (Ca) 4831
Weight Screw rod/M: 1.58, nut/pcs: 0.3
Unit Price (USD) Screw rod/M: 37, nut/pcs: 15

SFY4080 6.35mm Milled Mute Self Lubricating Heavy Duty Ball Screw drawing


  1. Low friction loss, high transmission efficiency: Due to the numerous balls doing rolling motion between the screw shaft and the nut of the ball screw pair, a high motion efficiency can be achieved.
  2. High precision: Our ball screws are produced by the world’s top-notch mechanical equipment, with strict control over the temperature and humidity during grinding, assembly, and inspection. This rigorous quality management system ensures precision.
  3. High-speed feed and micro-feed possible: The ball screw pair utilizes rolling motion, which requires minimal starting torque and avoids crawling phenomena, ensuring precise micro-feed.
  4. High axial stiffness: The ball screw pair can be preloaded. The preload can reduce axial clearance to negative, resulting in higher stiffness.
  5. Non-self-locking, reversible transmission: This feature enables reversible transmission for various applications.

Composition and Classification

Ball screws consist of a screw, nut, steel ball, preload piece, reverser, and dust preventer. The SFY4080 model can be customized according to customer needs. This ball screw falls under the categories of self-lubricating ball screw and silent ball screw:

  1. Self-Lubricating Ball Screws: With a removable oil-removing device, these do not require lubrication pipeline systems and equipment, reducing oil replacement and waste oil handling costs.
  2. Silent Ball Screws: These incorporate special grooves between balls to suppress the collision-induced noise, ensuring smoother and quieter operation.
  3. High-Speed Ball Screws: Exhibiting high acceleration, high rigidity, high-speed feed, low vibration, and low noise, these are used in tool machine’s rapid feed, high-speed cutting centers, and high-speed vertical load cutting centers, among others.
  4. Heavy Load Ball Screws: These can withstand large axial loads, suitable for full-electric design machines, air compressors, semiconductor manufacturing devices, and forging manufacturing devices.


  1. Nominal Diameter: The outer diameter of the screw, with common specifications ranging from 12 to 120.
  2. Lead: The distance the nut moves linearly for each full rotation of the screw. The lead is directly related to the nut’s movement speed and the linear thrust that the ball screw can provide. The larger the lead, the faster the linear motion speed at the same rotation speed. The relationship between lead and screw thrust is given by the formula F = (2πT*n) / i, where F is the screw thrust, T is the torque provided by the motor, n is the transmission efficiency (85%-95% for ball screws), and i is the lead.
  3. Length: This includes the total length and the thread length. The thread length comprises the total thread length and the effective stroke, which is the maximum theoretical length the nut can move linearly.
  4. Nut Form: There are various nut forms, with the first few letters in the general model number indicating the nut form. Based on the flange form, there are round flanges, single-cut flanges, double-cut flanges, and flangeless options.
  5. Precision: Ball screws are classified into different precision levels. In China, precision grades include P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P7, P10. Japan, Korea, and Taiwan adopt JIS grades: C0, C1, C2, C3, C5, C7, C10. European standards are IT0, IT1, IT2, IT3, IT4, IT5, IT7, IT10.

The SFY4080 6.35mm Milled Mute Self Lubricating Heavy Duty Ball Screw is one of ZLV‘s top-of-the-line products that not only provides practical solutions but also sets high standards for mechanical applications. The superior construction and customizable options of the SFY4080 model ensure the ball screw’s durability and longevity, making it an investment worth considering.

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