SFY1632 2.778mm Milled Mute Self Lubricating Heavy Duty Ball Screw


The SFY1632 2.778mm Milled Mute Self Lubricating Heavy Duty Ball Screw offers high precision and efficiency with its low friction loss and potential for high-speed feeds. With the ability to self-lubricate, this product promises durability and noise reduction, perfect for heavy-duty applications.

SFY1632 2.778mm Milled Mute Self Lubricating Heavy Duty Ball Screw

The SFY1632 is a high-quality, heavy-duty ball screw from the reputable manufacturer, ZLV. Crafted with meticulous precision, the SFY1632 offers unparalleled performance and longevity. This ball screw is distinguished by its milled mute self-lubricating feature, which significantly reduces noise levels while enhancing the product’s operational lifespan.

The SFY1632 was specifically designed with a shaft diameter of 16mm and a lead of 16mm, a prime choice for heavy-duty applications requiring high precision and efficiency. The screw rod has a steel ball diameter of 2.778mm and a nut size of 32mm, offering excellent load-bearing capacity and top-notch performance. The compact design and robust build quality ensure that the SFY1632 can easily handle heavy-duty applications.

Specifications and Dimensions

The following table provides the detailed specifications of the ZLV SFY1632:

Specification Measurement/Detail
Model SFY1632
Shaft diameter 16mm
Lead 16mm
Steel ball diameter 2.778mm
Nut size (D, A, B, L, W, H, X, Q,n) 32, 53, 10, 42.5, 42, 34, 4.5, M6,0.8*2
Load capacity Ca: 1073
Weight Screw rod: 1.58M, Nut: 0.3 pcs
Unit Price (USD) Screw rod: $7/M, Nut: $11/pcs

Customization: The SFY1632 ball screw can be tailored to meet your specific application requirements.

SFY1632 2.778mm Milled Mute Self Lubricating Heavy Duty Ball Screw drawing

Features and Advantages

  1. High Efficiency and Low Frictional Loss:The SFY1632 ball screw employs rolling motion, which minimizes frictional loss and maximizes transmission efficiency. This design aspect ensures that the power requirement is only one-third of that of traditional sliding screws, making it an energy-efficient choice.
  2. Exceptional Accuracy:The ZLV SFY1632 ball screw, produced with top-tier machinery, guarantees exceptional accuracy. By implementing strict temperature and humidity controls during the grinding, assembly, and inspection stages, the process ensures precision.
  3. Enables High-Speed Feed and Micro Feed:The SFY1632’s rolling motion allows for a minimal starting torque, preventing creeping phenomena common in sliding screws. This feature ensures accurate micro feeds.
  4. High Axial Rigidity:The ZLV SFY1632 ball screw provides high axial rigidity through its preload feature which achieves a negative axial clearance and increases the system’s rigidity. The internal repulsion of balls within the screw also enhances the rigidity, improving the machine’s overall performance.
  5. Non-Self-Locking with Reversible Transmission:The ball screw offers a non-self-locking feature, which allows for reversible transmission.

Ball Screw Components and Classification

The SFY1632 ball screw is composed of a screw, nut, steel ball, preload piece, reverser, and dust cover.

The ball screws are categorized as:

  1. Self-lubricating ball screw: It doesn’t need a lubrication pipeline system and equipment, reducing oil change and waste oil disposal costs.
  2. Silent ball screw: This type has a special groove-type ball spacer to suppress the noise caused by the collision between balls, ensuring a quieter and smoother operation.
  3. High-speed ball screw: It features high acceleration, high rigidity, high-speed feed, low vibration, and low noise, making it ideal for high-speed cutting and centering.
  4. Heavy-duty ball screw: This category can bear larger axial loads and is suitable for all-electric design machines, compressors, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and forging manufacturing equipment.

Depending on the precision required, ball screws are further divided into rolled screws and ground screws. Rolled screws offer a slightly lower accuracy and are ideal for situations where precision requirements are not very high. In contrast, ground screws provide higher accuracy and are suitable for scenarios requiring high precision.

Key Parameters

  1. Nominal Diameter: The outer diameter of the screw. The SFY1632 has a nominal diameter of 16mm.
  2. Lead: The distance the nut moves linearly when the screw rotates once. The SFY1632 has a lead of 16mm.

The speed of the nut movement and the linear thrust provided by the ball screw are related to the lead. The larger the lead, the faster the linear movement speed at the same rotation speed.

The relationship between the lead and the linear thrust of the screw rod is calculated by the following formulas:

Velocity, v = r*i Where: v: Nut movement speed (mm/s) r: Screw rotation speed (r/s) i: Lead (mm)

Screw rod thrust, F = (2πT*n)/i Where: F: Screw rod thrust (N) T: Torque provided by the motor (N·m) n: Transmission efficiency (generally 85%-95% for ball screws) i: Lead (m)

  1. Length: You can break down length into two categories: total length and thread length. Some manufacturers calculate only the total length, while others require the thread length. You further subdivide thread length into total thread length and effective travel. Total thread length measures the entire length of the threaded part, while effective travel calculates the theoretical maximum length of the nut’s linear movement. Therefore, the thread length equals the effective travel plus the nut length and the design margin. And if you install a protective cover, you should also take into account the length of the compressed protective cover.
  2. Nut form: Various nut forms are available, usually indicated by the first few letters in the type. There are several types according to the flange form: round flange, single-edge flange, double-edge flange, and no flange. According to the nut length, there are single nuts and double nuts (note: single nuts and double nuts do not have differences in load and rigidity, the main difference is that the latter can adjust preload and the former cannot. In addition, the price and length of the latter are roughly twice that of the former).
  3. Precision: The precision grade of the SFY1632 ball screw is determined according to the requirements of the specific application. According to domestic classification, precision grades include P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P7, and P10. Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan use the JIS grade, namely C0, C1, C2, C3, C5, C7, C10. European countries adopt the IT0, IT1, IT2, IT3, IT4, IT5, IT7, and IT10 standards.

To sum up, the ZLV SFY1632 2.778mm Milled Mute Self Lubricating Heavy Duty Ball Screw is an exceptional piece of machinery, offering an excellent combination of efficiency, durability, and precision. Whether your application involves heavy loads, high speeds, or strict precision requirements, the SFY1632 is a top-tier choice that can fulfill a wide range of needs.

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