SFU2510 4.762mm Grinding Self-lubricating Heavy Duty Ball Screw


The SFU2510 4.762mm Grinding Self-lubricating Heavy Duty Ball Screw delivers exceptional high efficiency and precision performance. It boasts minimal frictional losses, allowing high-speed feed and micro-feed. Its unique self-lubricating design minimizes maintenance needs, while the sturdy construction ensures high axial rigidity, making it perfect for heavy-duty applications.

SFU2510 4.762mm Grinding Self-lubricating Heavy Duty Ball Screw

The ZLV SFU2510 4.762mm Grinding Self-lubricating Heavy Duty Ball Screw is a product that provides exceptional mechanical efficiency and accuracy. With its key features and technical parameters, it promises high transmission efficiency, high precision, high-speed feeding, high axial rigidity, and irreversible transmission.

Specifications and Dimensions

The following table lists out the key specifications of the SFU2510 model.

Specification Value
Model SFU2510
Shaft Diameter (d/mm) 25
Lead (I/mm) 10
Steel Ball Diameter (mm) 4.762
Nut Size (D, A, B, L, W, H, X,Q,n) 40, 62, 12, 85, 51, 48, 6.6,M6,1*4
Dynamic Load Rating (Ca/N) 2954
Screw Rod Weight (per meter, Kg) 3.8
Nut Weight (per piece, Kg) 0.3
Unit Price (Screw Rod per meter, USD) 7.4
Unit Price (Nut per piece, USD) 6

These specifications are standard for this model, but customization options are available to tailor to specific requirements.

SFU2510 4.762mm Grinding Self-lubricating Heavy Duty Ball Screw drawing

Product Features and Advantages

  1. Low Friction Loss, High Transmission Efficiency:The SFU2510 employs many steel balls for rolling movement between the screw shaft and screw nut, achieving high motion efficiency. Compared to traditional sliding screw pairs, it requires less than one-third of the drive torque, making it energy efficient.
  2. High Precision:The ball screw pair is produced using state-of-the-art mechanical equipment, ensuring high precision. Strict controls are maintained for temperature and humidity during the grinding, assembly, and inspection processes. This ensures high precision is fully guaranteed due to a robust quality management system.
  3. High-Speed Feeding and Micro Feeding:Thanks to the rolling ball movement, the start-up torque is minimal, eliminating crawling phenomena seen in sliding movements, and enabling precise micro feeding.
  4. High Axial Rigidity:By applying pre-pressure to the ball screw pair, axial backlash can be reduced to the negative, resulting in high rigidity. This enhanced rigidity is particularly useful in mechanical devices where pressure on the ball can increase the rigidity of the nut section.
  5. Irreversible Transmission:Unlike some systems, the ball screw pair does not self-lock, ensuring the reversibility of transmission.

Composition and Classification

The SFU2510 Ball Screw consists of a screw, nut, steel balls, pressure plates, a reverser, and dustproof devices. There are different types of ball screws, including self-lubricating ball screws, silent ball screws, high-speed ball screws, and heavy-duty ball screws, each with its unique characteristics and benefits.

Key Parameters

  1. Nominal Diameter: The outer diameter of the screw, which for this model is 25mm.
  2. Lead: The linear distance the nut travels when the screw rotates once, which for this model is 10mm. This parameter relates to the movement speed of the nut and the linear thrust that the ball screw can provide.
  3. Length: There are two concepts here, the total length and the thread length. For some manufacturers, they only calculate the total length, but some manufacturers need to provide the thread length. The thread length is the total length of the threaded part, while the effective stroke is the maximum theoretical length of linear movement of the nut.
  4. Nut Form: There are many types of nut forms. The first few letters in the model typically represent the nut form. They can be round flanges, single-cut flanges, double-cut flanges, and flangeless, among others.
  5. Accuracy: Ball screws are typically classified into precision grades. For this model, the grade is P2, implying high precision.

In conclusion, the ZLV SFU2510 4.762mm Grinding Self-lubricating Heavy Duty Ball Screw offers the mechanical advantage of being efficient, accurate, and robust. It is suitable for numerous applications and can be customized according to different needs.

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