SFU2004 2.381mm Grinding Self-lubricating Heavy Duty Ball Screw


The SFU2004 2.381mm Grinding Self-lubricating Heavy Duty Ball Screw is a high-performance device with superior precision, minimal friction loss, and remarkable high-speed feed capabilities. With its unique self-lubricating feature, it ensures excellent performance, longevity, and durability, making it ideal for diverse industrial applications.

SFU2004 2.381mm Grinding Self-lubricating Heavy Duty Ball Screw

As an integral part of any motion control system, a ball screw plays a significant role in converting rotational motion to linear motion. Here, we are introducing the ZLV SFU2004 2.381mm Grinding Self-lubricating Heavy Duty Ball Screw, which showcases great performance in various mechanical and industrial applications.


The ZLV SFU2004 is a self-lubricating ball screw with a shaft diameter of 20mm and a lead of 4mm. The ball screw uses a 2.381mm steel ball to create efficient and precise movement. This ball screw stands out for its compactness, high load capacity, and outstanding durability.

With a unit price of 7 USD for the screw rod per meter and 6 USD for the nut per piece, it offers good value for money considering its features and performance.

Below is a detailed specification chart:

Specification Value
Model SFU2004
Shaft diameter (d/mm) 20
Lead (I/mm) 4
Steel ball diameter (mm) 2.381
Nut size (D, A, B, L, W, H, X,Q,n) 36, 58, 10, 42, 47, 44, 6.6,M6,1*4
Dynamic Load Capacity (Ca) 1066
Screw rod weight (kg/m) 2.47
Nut weight (kg/pcs) 0.2
Unit price (USD) for screw rod/M 7
Unit price (USD) for nut/pcs 6

SFU2004 2.381mm Grinding Self-lubricating Heavy Duty Ball Screw drawing

Product Features

High Efficiency:Due to the rolling movement between the screw shaft and the nut, the ZLV SFU2004 achieves high motion efficiency. The driving torque is less than 1/3 compared to the previous sliding screw pair, making it power-efficient.

High Precision:The ZLV SFU2004 ball screw is produced with top-tier machinery ensuring precision in every aspect. The rigorous control over temperature and humidity during grinding, assembly, and inspection guarantees high precision.

High-Speed Feed and Micro Feed:The ball screw takes advantage of the ball’s movement, hence requiring minimal start-up torque and avoiding crawling phenomena. This ensures precise micro feeding.

High Axial Rigidity:The ball screw can be applied with preload to attain high rigidity. This preload eliminates axial backlash, increasing the rigidity of the screw (ball screw rigidity can be enhanced by the preload exerted on the balls).

No Self-Locking, Reversibility in Transmission:The ball screw design prevents self-locking, thus ensuring reversibility in transmission.

Composition and Classification of Ball Screws

Ball screws consist of a screw, nut, steel balls, pre-pressure piece, reverser, and dust cover.

The ZLV SFU2004 can be categorized under:

  1. Self-lubricating ball screws: These have a removable oil removal device, eliminating the need for a lubrication pipeline system and equipment, reducing oil change and waste oil treatment costs.
  2. Silent ball screws: The special groove design in the ball spacer can suppress the noise generated by the collision between balls, making the ball screw smoother and quieter in operation.
  3. High-speed ball screws: Characterized by high acceleration, high rigidity, fast feed, low vibration, and low noise. They are used in quick feeds of machine tools, high-speed cutting centers, and high-speed vertical load cutting centers.
  4. Heavy-duty ball screws: Able to withstand high axial loads and suitable for all-electric design machines, air compressors, semiconductor manufacturing devices, and forging manufacturing devices.


The specifications of the ZLV SFU2004 are defined by the following parameters:

  1. Nominal Diameter: This refers to the outer diameter of the screw. For the SFU2004, this is 20mm.
  2. Lead: Lead is the distance the nut moves linearly when the screw makes one full rotation. The SFU2004 has a lead of 4mm. The lead directly impacts the linear speed of the nut (v=ri, where v is the nut’s speed, r is the screw’s rotation speed, and i is the lead), as well as the provided linear thrust (F= (2πTn)/i, where F is the screw’s thrust, T is the torque provided by the motor, n is the transmission efficiency, and i is the lead).
  3. Length: Length considers two aspects: the overall length and the threaded length. The threaded length comprises two parts: the total threaded length and the effective stroke, where the latter refers to the theoretical maximum length of the nut’s linear movement.
  4. Nut Form: There are several forms of nuts depending on the flange form, such as round flange, single edge flange, double edge flange, and no flange.
  5. Accuracy: Ball screws are classified according to precision levels. For the ZLV SFU2004, the precision level is according to JIS standards, which classify precision into C0, C1, C2, C3, C5, C7, and C10.

Please note that this product can be customized according to specific requirements, offering the flexibility needed for your applications.

With the ZLV SFU2004 ball screw, we promise to deliver a combination of high efficiency, accuracy, and robustness to your system, contributing significantly to your overall operational efficiency.

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