SFS5010 6.35mm Quiet Heavy Duty Ball Screw


The SFS5010 6.35mm Quiet Heavy Duty Ball Screw is a high-performance component with impressive efficiency and precision. Characterized by its minimal friction loss, this product offers both high-speed feed and micro feed capabilities. Crafted for heavy-duty applications, it ensures increased axial rigidity and noiseless operation. This ball screw can be customized to meet specific needs.

SFS5010 6.35mm Quiet Heavy Duty Ball Screw

The ZLV SFS5010 6.35mm Quiet Heavy Duty Ball Screw, a cutting-edge product, serves a range of applications with its stellar performance. It stands out for its low friction loss, superior transmission efficiency, exceptional precision, ability to handle high-speed feed and micro feed, as well as its outstanding axial stiffness.

The ZLV SFS5010 6.35mm ball screw is not self-locking and possesses drive reversibility, making it versatile for use in different machinery and equipment setups. With its outstanding features and high-quality build, this ball screw offers high levels of reliability and performance that meet and exceed the demands of today’s industry.


Here are the detailed specifications of the ZLV SFS5010 6.35mm Quiet Heavy Duty Ball Screw:

Parameter Value
Model SFS5010
Shaft Diameter (d) 50mm
Lead (I) 10mm
Steel Ball Diameter 6.35mm
Nut Size (D, A, B, L, W, H, X, Q,n) 75, 100, 16, 68, 93, 96, 11, M8,3.8*1
Dynamic Load Rating (Ca) 6004
Weight (Screw rod) 10kg/M
Weight (nut) 1pcs
Unit Price (Screw rod) 34 USD/M
Unit Price (nut) 50 USD/pcs

SFS5010 6.35mm Quiet Heavy Duty Ball Screw drawing


The SFS5010 6.35mm Quiet Heavy Duty Ball Screw is equipped with several unique features that enhance its performance and functionality. These include:

  1. Low friction loss, high transmission efficiency: The ball screw and the nut have numerous balls performing a rolling motion, resulting in high motion efficiency. This high-efficiency feature reduces the required driving torque to less than 1/3, making it a more power-efficient solution.
  2. High precision: Produced using the highest level of mechanical equipment, the product ensures superior precision. This precision is achieved by strictly controlling the temperature and humidity during the grinding, assembly, and inspection process.
  3. Potential for high-speed feed and micro feed: Because the ball screw utilizes ball motion, the starting torque is minimal. There is no crawling phenomenon as seen in sliding motion, ensuring precise micro feed.
  4. High axial stiffness: The ball screw can apply preload, making the axial clearance negative, thus obtaining high rigidity.

Composition and Classification

The ZLV SFS5010 6.35mm Quiet Heavy Duty Ball Screw is composed of a screw, a nut, steel balls, preload pieces, reversers, and dust protectors. This ball screw can be customized to fit various needs, making it a flexible choice for diverse applications.

It can be categorized into:

  1. Self-lubricating ball screw: Equipped with a detachable oil removal device, it does not require lubrication pipelines and equipment, reducing oil change and waste oil treatment costs.
  2. Silent ball screw: Designed with a special groove-shaped ball spacer between the balls to suppress the noise caused by ball-to-ball collision, resulting in smoother and quieter operation.
  3. High-speed ball screw: Characterized by high acceleration, high rigidity, high-speed feed, low vibration, and low noise.
  4. Heavy-duty ball screw: Able to withstand large axial loads, suitable for full-electric design machines, air compressors, semiconductor manufacturing devices, and forging manufacturing devices.


The key parameters of the ZLV SFS5010 6.35mm Quiet Heavy Duty Ball Screw include:

  1. Nominal diameter: The outer diameter of the screw. The SFS5010 model has a nominal diameter of 50mm.
  2. Lead: The distance that the nut moves linearly when the screw rotates once. For the SFS5010 model, the lead is 10mm. The lead is related to the moving speed of the nut and the linear thrust that the ball screw can provide.
  3. Length: Two concepts are considered under length – the total length and the thread length. Some manufacturers only calculate the total length, but others need to provide the thread length. Thread length includes two parts – the total length of the thread and the effective stroke.
  4. Nut form: There are several nut forms presented in various manufacturers’ product samples. The initial few letters in a general model represent the nut form.
  5. Precision: The SFS5010 ball screw has a high precision rating. In China, the precision grades are P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P7, P10.

Remember, this product can be customized according to your specific needs. Enhance your machinery’s performance with the ZLV SFS5010 6.35mm Quiet Heavy Duty Ball Screw, a product that guarantees top-notch efficiency and precision.

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