SFS3205 3.175mm Quiet Heavy Duty Ball Screw


The SFS3205 3.175mm Quiet Heavy Duty Ball Screw is a high-precision, efficient, and customizable linear actuator, with a 32mm shaft diameter and a 5mm lead. Offering low friction loss, it provides excellent high-speed feed and micro-feed capabilities, making it suitable for diverse applications requiring precision and durability.

SFS3205 3.175mm Quiet Heavy Duty Ball Screw

The ZLV SFS3205 3.175mm Quiet Heavy Duty Ball Screw is a premium mechanical component designed to deliver the highest performance and durability for precise motion applications. It boasts a compact and highly efficient design with advanced features, such as minimal friction loss and excellent transmission efficiency. This ball screw is ideally suitable for diverse machinery and equipment that require precise motion control, delivering unparalleled reliability, efficiency, and accuracy.


Specification Details
Model SFS3205
Shaft Diameter (d) 32mm
Lead (I) 5mm
Steel Ball Diameter 3.175mm
Nut Size (D, A, B, L, W, H, X, Q,n) 50mm, 80mm, 12mm, 42mm, 65mm, 62mm, 9mm, M6,3.8*1
Load (Ca) 1922
Weight (Screw Rod, Nut) 6kg/m, 0.5kg/pcs
Unit Price (Screw Rod, Nut) USD 11/m, USD 18/pcs

SFS3205 3.175mm Quiet Heavy Duty Ball Screw drawing

Basic Parameters

The ZLV SFS3205 Ball Screw features a 32mm shaft diameter and a lead of 5mm. It utilizes a 3.175mm steel ball for motion and comes with a nut size of 50mm (D), 80mm (A), 12mm (B), 42mm (L), 65mm (W), 62mm (H), 9mm (X), and M6 (Q). With a load capacity of 1922 (Ca) and a weight of 6kg/m for the screw rod and 0.5kg/pcs for the nut, the ball screw is designed for high-efficiency performance. The unit price is USD 11 per meter for the screw rod and USD 18 per piece for the nut.


  1. Low Friction Loss and High Transmission Efficiency:The ZLV SFS3205 ball screw offers a rolling motion, leading to reduced friction loss and high transmission efficiency. The drive torque is less than one-third of traditional sliding screws, leading to substantial energy savings.
  2. High Precision:Produced with the most advanced mechanical equipment, the ZLV SFS3205 ball screw guarantees high precision. Strict temperature and humidity controls are maintained during all production stages, including grinding, assembly, and inspection, to ensure accuracy.
  3. High-Speed Feed and Micro Feed:Due to its rolling motion, the ball screw exhibits a minimal starting torque and eliminates crawling phenomena, ensuring precise micro feeds.
  4. High Axial Rigidity:The ball screw can be preloaded to achieve high rigidity. This preload, applied to the ball within the screw, enhances the rigidity of the nut section when used in mechanical devices.
  5. Non-Self-Locking and Reversibility in Transmission:Unlike some screws, the ball screw is not self-locking, offering the advantage of reversible transmission.

Composition and Classification of Ball Screw

A ball screw comprises a screw, nut, steel ball, preload plate, reverser, and dustproof device. Based on specific features and applications, ball screws can be categorized as self-lubricating, quiet, high-speed, and heavy-load ball screws. ZLV SFS3205 falls into the quiet and heavy-load categories.


The nominal diameter refers to the outer diameter of the screw, while the lead signifies the linear distance the nut moves when the screw rotates one full turn. The lead greatly affects the nut’s motion speed and the thrust the ball screw can provide.

The relationship between lead (i), screw rotation speed (r), and linear movement speed (v) is: v = r * i.

The relationship between lead (i), torque provided by the motor (T), transmission efficiency (n), and the thrust of the screw (F) is: F = (2πT*n)/i.

The ball screw’s length is represented as the total length and threaded length. Nut forms can vary and are typically indicated by the first few letters in the model number.

Lastly, precision grades for ball screws differ across countries and regions. The ZLV SFS3205 model adopts the highest level of precision according to industry standards.


ZLV provides customization for the SFS3205 ball screw to meet the unique requirements of various applications. Whether it’s about dimensions, load capacities, or special features, ZLV can tailor the ball screw to deliver the performance you need.

This unique blend of superior features and customizability makes the ZLV SFS3205 3.175mm Quiet Heavy Duty Ball Screw an ideal choice for those seeking high-performance and precise motion control in their machinery and equipment.


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