Open Linear Optical Axis Guide Slider Bearing TBR20 50mm*55mm*68mm


The ZLV TBR20 is a high-precision Open Linear Optical Axis Guide Slider Bearing, designed for industrial applications. It boasts a compact size of 50mm55mm68mm, offers easy installation, and can handle significant loads, ensuring durability and optimal performance.

Open Linear Optical Axis Guide Slider Bearing TBR20 50mm*55mm*68mm

The ZLV Open Linear Optical Axis Guide Slider Bearing TBR20 is an advanced guiding device, expertly engineered for precision and durability. It features a box-type linear bearing, a high-hardness shaft, and an anti-deflection aluminum rail, which together form a sliding unit.

Its excellent precision is maintained due to the drill processing for the installation screw holes, which takes place after the hardening treatment of the shaft. With its low cost, short production cycle, and easy installation, the TBR20 model has become a popular alternative to square linear guides.


Category Parameter Value
Dimensions Total Height (H) 50mm
Rail Width (WR) 55mm
Slider Width (W) 68mm
Fastening Slide Rail Fixing Screw(mm) m5*20
Load and Weight Rail Load (C/KN)  1176C/KN
Slide Weight (KG/PCS) 0.3kg/pcs
Rail Weight (KG/M) 4.3kg/m
Pricing Guide Rail Price (USD) $6
Slider Price (USD) $1.5

The ZLV TBR20 can be custom-tailored to your specific needs, allowing for the perfect solution to any application.

Open Linear Optical Axis Guide Slider Bearing TBR20 50mm*55mm*68mm drawing

Features and Advantages

  • Precision Engineered: The manufacturing process guarantees an exceptional level of accuracy, vital for high-precision applications.
  • High Load Capacity: With a rail load of 1176 C/N, this guide slider bearing is capable of handling significant weight, enhancing the efficiency of your machinery.
  • Durability: The high-hardness shaft ensures the longevity of the product, thereby reducing the need for regular maintenance or replacements.
  • Ease of Installation: The thoughtful design of TBR20 allows for an effortless installation process, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.


  • Industrial Machinery: This guide slider bearing is perfect for use in industrial robots, offering high precision and durable performance.
  • Printing Machinery: In printing machines, the TBR20 can help to enhance accuracy, ensuring clear, high-quality print outputs.
  • Woodworking Machinery: The robust construction and high load capacity make this product an excellent choice for woodworking machinery, allowing for precise and efficient operations.
  • Engraving Machines: The precision offered by the TBR20 is particularly beneficial in engraving machines, where the tiniest error can have a significant impact on the final product.

In conclusion, the ZLV Open Linear Optical Axis Guide Slider Bearing TBR20 is a versatile, durable, and reliable solution for a variety of industrial applications, offering remarkable precision and an easy installation process. It is well-designed to handle heavy loads and adverse conditions, ensuring smooth operations and optimal performance.

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