Open linear optical axis guide slider bearing SBR40 90mm*75mm*90mm


The SBR40 Open Linear Optical Axis Guide Slider Bearing is a precision-engineered component designed for high-speed movement and minimal friction. Measuring 90mm75mm90mm, this durable bearing offers exceptional load capacity, low friction coefficient, and is ideal for a variety of machinery including engraving, woodworking, and industrial robots.

Open linear optical axis guide slider bearing SBR40 90mm*75mm*90mm

The SBR40 model is a part of the cylindrical linear guide SBR series, composed of box-type linear bearings, high-hardness shafts, and anti-skew aluminum rails. The drilling process of the screw holes needed for shaft hardening and aluminum rail installation guarantees product accuracy. Notably, the SBR series products are praised for their low cost, short production cycle, and easy installation, positioning them as suitable alternatives to square linear guide rails.

Specifications and Dimensions

Category Parameter Value
Dimensions Total Height (H) 90mm
Rail Width (WR) 75mm
Slider Width (W) 90mm
Fastening Slide Rail Fixing Screw(mm) m8*35
Load and Weight Rail Load (C/KN)  4010C/KN
Slide Weight (KG/PCS) 1.33kg/pcs
Rail Weight (KG/M) 13.1kg/m
Pricing Guide Rail Price (USD) $18
Slider Price (USD) $2.3

Our product can be customized according to customer needs, providing you with a perfectly tailored solution.

Open linear optical axis guide slider bearing SBR40 90mm*75mm*90mm drawing

Features and Advantages

  • High Precision: The drilling process for shaft hardening and aluminum rail installation occurs after the shaft hardening treatment, ensuring product accuracy.
  • Cost-effective: The SBR series is budget-friendly while maintaining high-quality performance, making it a competitive alternative to square linear guide rails.
  • Short Production Cycle: Our efficient manufacturing process enables quick turnaround times from order to delivery.
  • Easy Installation: The design considerations of the SBR series ensure simple, hassle-free installation.
  • Durability: With high-hardness shafts and anti-skew aluminum rails, the SBR series products can endure heavy usage and harsh conditions.


Linear optical axes like the SBR40 have extensive applications in automatic transmission devices, including engraving machinery, woodworking machinery, printing machinery, industrial robots, and more. In particular, the consideration during installation of the non-ball type polymer bushing on the shaft, which can use high-performance bearing-grade materials suitable for aluminum or other substrates, provides good load capacity (equivalent to 20% of the ball bushing load capacity) and a lower friction coefficient in the range of 0.05 to 0.25.

These bushing bearings can operate smoothly in harsh environments with particles that could damage sealed ball bushings, or under impact load damage that could affect ball bearing systems. Noise from ball circulation could be a problem in ball bushings or square rail bearings, but not for the above bushing bearings. The SBR series is suitable for clean environments like the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries, as well as harsh environments like the food processing industry.

Please note that the SBR series, such as the SBR40 model, is mainly used in mechanical structures where precision is highly demanded. The motion component and fixed component of the linear guide do not require an intermediate medium but use rolling steel balls. Because the rolling steel balls are adaptable to high-speed movement, have a small friction coefficient, and high sensitivity, they meet the working requirements of moving parts, like the tool holder and carriage of machine tools.

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