Open linear optical axis guide slider bearing SBR30 70mm*60mm*70mm


The SBR30, a product of ZLV, is an open linear optical axis guide slider bearing with dimensions of 70mm60mm70mm. Notable for its high-hardness shaft, anti-skew aluminum rail slider, and low production cost, it’s an efficient and affordable alternative to square linear guides. Its low friction coefficient and high load capacity make it suitable for high-precision machinery.

Open linear optical axis guide slider bearing SBR30 70mm*60mm*70mm

The SBR30 by ZLV is an open linear optical axis guide slider bearing renowned for its design, precision, and durability. The construction consists of a box-type linear bearing, a high-hardness shaft, and an anti-skew aluminum rail slider unit. Drilling the screw holes required for shaft and base aluminum rail installation is carried out after hardening the shaft, ensuring precision in every unit.


Category Parameter Value
Dimensions Total Height (H) 70mm
Rail Width (WR) 60mm
Slider Width (W) 70mm
Fastening Slide Rail Fixing Screw(mm) m6*25
Load and Weight Rail Load (C/KN)  2740C/KN
Slide Weight (KG/PCS) 0.63kg/pcs
Rail Weight (KG/M) 7.4kg/m
Pricing Guide Rail Price (USD) $7.8
Slider Price (USD) $1.2

Open linear optical axis guide slider bearing SBR30 70mm*60mm*70mm drawing

Features and Advantages

  • Affordable and Efficient: The SBR30 has a low production cost and short production cycle, making it an economical alternative to square linear guides.
  • Easy Installation: The simple structure and accurate screw holes make the installation process easy and straightforward.
  • Customizable: The product can be customized according to the specific requirements, offering flexibility to the user.
  • Low Friction Coefficient: With a range from 0.05 to 0.25, the low friction coefficient ensures smooth operation and longevity of the product.
  • High Load Capacity: The use of high-performance bearing-grade material suitable for aluminum or other substrates provides good load capacity, equivalent to 20% of the ball sleeve load capacity.

Applications and Benefits

The linear optical axis is extensively used in automatic transmission devices such as engraving machinery, woodworking machinery, printing machinery, and industrial robots. When using a silver cylindrical linear guide rail, the final consideration should be the non-ball type polymer liner installed on the shaft. The bushing bearing can run smoothly in harsh environments with particles that can damage tightly sealed ball sleeves, and can also work normally under ball bearing systems damaged by impact loads.

Moreover, the ball circulation noise that may occur in the ball sleeve or square guide rail bearing is basically not a problem for the aforementioned bushing bearing. Since the contact surface is distributed in a larger area, a hardened steel shaft without a ball sleeve is not necessary. A stainless steel shaft system can be adopted, which is suitable for both clean environments such as the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries, and harsh environments such as the food processing industry.

The SBR series of cylindrical linear guides is mainly used on mechanical structures with higher precision requirements. The movement and fixed elements of the linear guide do not use an intermediate medium but use a rolling steel ball. Because the rolling steel ball is suitable for high-speed movement, small friction coefficient, and high sensitivity, it meets the work requirements of moving parts such as tool holders and drag boards on machine tools. If the force acting on the steel ball is too large, the steel ball will endure a pre-load for a long time, causing the bracket to move with greater resistance.

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