Linear Plain Bearing LM6UU 6mm Optical Axis


The ZLV Linear Plain Bearing LM6UU 6mm Optical Axis is a high-precision, easy-to-install bearing designed for smooth linear motion. With a variety of models available, it offers superior corrosion resistance, low noise, and economic benefits, making it ideal for various machine applications.

Linear Plain Bearing LM6UU 6mm Optical Axis

The ZLV Linear Plain Bearing LM6UU 6mm Optical Axis is a top-tier product designed to offer superb precision and ease of installation. Combining advanced technology with a robust design, the bearing is perfect for a variety of applications that require smooth linear motion.


Attribute Value
Model LM46UU
Ball circuit 4
Weight (G/PCS) 8
LM..AJ (adjusted type) LM6-AJ
LM.UU.OP (Open end type)
Size (D mm) 6
Accuracy (J) 0-0.006
Accuracy (P) 0-0.009
Public errand plastics
TYPE Bushing, Steel protection
Unit-price (USD) 0.45

Linear Plain Bearing LM6UU 6mm Optical Axis drawing


  • Precision: With strict manufacturing standards, the bearing provides high precision, facilitated by a high-hardness outer tube and steel balls.
  • Easy Installation: The bearing can withstand load from any direction. Its standardized and specced design eases assembly requirements.
  • Variety of Models: The bearing is available in standard, clearance-adjustable, open, extended, and flanged models to accommodate diverse design requirements.
  • Noise Reduction: The bearing uses high-tensile resin retainers, effectively reducing noise levels during operation.


  • Corrosion Resistance and Rust Prevention: The bearing’s housing and shaft support are made of aluminium alloy with electroplating surface treatment, offering excellent corrosion resistance and rust prevention.
  • Easy Assembly and Interchangeability: Due to standardized specifications and strict precision requirements, assembly and maintenance interchangeability is easily achievable to meet customer needs.
  • Smooth Operation and Low Noise: The SC and SME series bearings offer minimal friction resistance, resulting in smooth operation and low noise.
  • Economic Benefits: Light-weighted, corrosion-resistant, and interchangeable, these bearings provide cost-effective solutions, making them highly competitive in terms of price. They are capable of maximizing performance in various machine settings, achieving optimal economic benefits through labor-saving and automation.


ZLV provides customization services for the Linear Plain Bearing LM6UU 6mm Optical Axis. Based on specific needs, you can select the size, type, and other parameters to suit your particular application.

ZLV’s commitment to excellence ensures that the customized product retains the same high-quality standards, offering the best possible solution for your unique requirements.

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