Linear Plain Bearing LM60UU 60mm Optical Axis


The ZLV LM60UU 60mm Optical Axis Linear Plain Bearing is a precision mechanical component with six ball circuits. It provides high rigidity, low noise, and easy assembly in mechanical systems. The bearing, made of hardened steel and plastics, offers excellent durability and operates at temperatures below 80°C. Available in various models, it ensures smooth, precise movement.

Linear Plain Bearing LM60UU 60mm Optical Axis

ZLV LM60UU is a state-of-the-art linear plain bearing that delivers precision movement in various mechanical systems. It is constructed with six ball circuits, providing superior motion control and rigidity for your mechanical setup. The ZLV LM60UU has a highly efficient design that minimizes noise and wear during operation, all within an operating temperature below 80°C.

This advanced linear bearing has a hardened outer cylinder for enhanced durability and longer operational life. In addition, it incorporates a plastic ball retainer that effectively reduces the noise and friction between the balls and the retainer.


Attribute Value
Model LM60UU
Ball circuit 6
Weight (G/PCS) 2000
LM..AJ (adjusted type) LM60-AJ
LM.UU.OP (Open end type) LM60-OP
Size (D mm) 60
Accuracy (J) 0-0.009
Accuracy (P) 0-0.015
Public errand plastics
TYPE Bushing, Steel protection
Unit-price (USD) 4.5

Linear Plain Bearing LM60UU 60mm Optical Axis drawing

Features and Advantages

  • High Precision and Rigidity: Thanks to its hardened outer cylinder and steel balls, the ZLV LM60UU boasts high precision. Its strict manufacturing standards contribute to its high rigidity, ensuring excellent performance in your mechanical systems.
  • Easy Assembly: The ZLV LM60UU is capable of withstanding loads from any direction. With its standardized and scalable design, it allows for easy component processing, meeting assembly requirements without hassle.
  • Diverse Product Forms: The ZLV LM60UU linear bearing is available in various models, including the standard model, gap-adjusted model, open-end model, extended model, and flange model, giving designers flexible options for their specific needs.
  • Corrosion and Rust Resistance: This linear bearing has a body made of aluminum alloy, which is surface-treated with electroplating. This not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also offers superior corrosion and rust resistance.
  • Smooth Operation and Low Noise: The ZLV LM60UU uses a linear bearing and shaft contact slide, ensuring minimal friction and remarkably smooth, low-noise operation.
  • Economical: With its lightweight design, corrosion resistance, interchangeability, and low cost, the ZLV LM60UU offers a significant advantage in terms of cost-effectiveness. Compared to other rail types, it provides excellent performance at a competitive price, maximizing efficiency and automation benefits.

This ZLV LM60UU 60mm Optical Axis Linear Plain Bearing offers exceptional performance for various mechanical systems. Available for customization, it can be designed to meet specific user requirements, enhancing its usability and applicability across a wide range of industries.

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