Linear Plain Bearing LM16UU 16mm Optical Axis


The ZLV Linear Plain Bearing LM16UU 16mm Optical Axis is a high-precision, low-noise linear motion solution, offering a hardened outer tube, resilient plastic retainer, and an operational temperature limit of up to 80℃. It boasts easy assembly, versatile formats, and corrosion-resistant bearing seats for smooth, economical operation.

Linear Plain Bearing LM16UU 16mm Optical Axis

The ZLV Linear Plain Bearing LM16UU 16mm Optical Axis is a precision-engineered linear motion solution, meticulously designed to deliver high accuracy and rigidity, with low noise during operation. Its structure is composed of an outer cylinder, ball bearings, a ball retainer, and two retaining rings at each end.


Attribute Value
Model LM16UU
Ball circuit 5
Weight (G/PCS) 69
LM..AJ (adjusted type) LM16-AJ
LM.UU.OP (Open end type) LM16-OP
Size (D mm) 16
Accuracy (J) 0-0.006
Accuracy (P) 0-0.009
Public errand plastics
TYPE Bushing, Steel protection
Unit-price (USD) 0.3

Linear Plain Bearing LM16UU 16mm Optical Axis drawing


  • Robust Construction: The outer cylinder has undergone thorough heat treatment to ensure considerable hardness, contributing to operational safety and longevity.
  • Innovative Retainer Design: The ball retainer, made of resilient plastic, reduces noise and wear between the balls and retainer.
  • Temperature Resistance: This bearing can comfortably operate within a temperature of up to 80℃.
  • High Precision and Rigidity: With a hardened outer tube and balls, coupled with stringent manufacturing requirements, this bearing boasts high precision. The high-tensile plastic retainer further reduces noise.
  • Easy Assembly: The bearing can withstand loads from any direction. Its standardization and specification simplification allow easy machining of complementary components and ensure easy assembly to meet requirements.
  • Versatile Product Formats: Available in standard, adjusted, open, extended, and flanged types, it caters to diverse customer design needs.

Linear Bearing Seat Features

  • Corrosion and Rust Resistance: The linear bearing seat and shaft support are made of aluminum alloy. Post-processing electroplating enhances the aesthetics and corrosion resistance, while the chrome-plated shaft prevents rust, offering excellent rust prevention.
  • Easy Assembly and Interchangeability: With standardization and specific precision requirements, the bearing seat facilitates easy assembly and interchangeability during maintenance to meet customer needs.
  • Smooth Operation and Low Noise: The SC and SME series, featuring linear bearing and shaft contact sliding, provide minimal friction resistance, resulting in exceptionally smooth operation and low noise.
  • Economical: Lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and interchangeable with low cost, this bearing delivers maximum performance when applied to various machine equipment. This results in significant labor-saving and automation benefits. It also offers a competitive price advantage compared to other rail types.
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