Linear Plain Bearing LM13UU 13mm Optical Axis


The ZLV Linear Plain Bearing LM13UU 13mm Optical Axis is a high-precision, low-noise bearing system, featuring an outer tube, steel balls, a ball retainer, and end rings. It’s designed for smooth operation, easy assembly, and interchangeable use. This product offers excellent rust resistance and provides economical benefits due to its competitive pricing and low maintenance.

Linear Plain Bearing LM13UU 13mm Optical Axis

ZLV offers a highly precise and reliable Linear Plain Bearing LM13UU model with a 13mm Optical Axis. This product is composed of an outer tube, steel balls, a ball retainer, and retaining rings at both ends. The ball retainer is situated within the outer tube and secured by the end rings, ensuring a repeated circular motion of the balls along the track without dropping off. This bearing allows a safe operation and a long lifespan due to the heat-treated outer tube that provides substantial hardness.


Attribute Value
Model LM13UU
Ball circuit 5
Weight (G/PCS) 43
LM..AJ (adjusted type) LM13-AJ
LM.UU.OP (Open end type) LM13-OP
Size (D mm) 13
Accuracy (J) 0-0.006
Accuracy (P) 0-0.009
Public errand plastics
TYPE Bushing, Steel protection
Unit-price (USD) 0.3

Customization of the product is available upon request.

Linear Plain Bearing LM13UU 13mm Optical Axis drawing


Precision, Rigidity, and Low Noise:ZLV Linear Plain Bearing LM13UU exhibits high precision due to its high-hardness outer tube and balls. The use of a high-tension resin retainer reduces noise.

Ease of Assembly:ZLV Linear Plain Bearing LM13UU is able to withstand loads from any direction. With standardized, specified parts and easy-to-manufacture components, the assembly can effortlessly meet requirements.

Product Forms:ZLV offers a variety of product forms: Standard type, adjusted type, open end type, extended type, and flanged type, providing flexible design options for customers.

Linear Bearing Housing

Corrosion and Rust Resistance:The Linear bearing housing and the shaft support are made of aluminum alloy, and the surface is treated with electroplating. The shaft center is chrome-plated, providing excellent rust resistance.

Easy Assembly and Interchangeability:The product has been standardized and specified, with strict precision requirements, making assembly or repair interchangeability easy to meet customer requirements.

Smooth Operation and Low Noise:SC, SME series make sliding contact with the linear bearing and the shaft center, the frictional resistance is extremely small, hence it runs smoothly and quietly.

Economical Benefits:Featuring lightweight, corrosion resistance, interchangeability, and low cost, it can exert maximum performance when applied to various machine equipment, achieving the maximum economic benefits of labor saving and automation. It has a price competitive advantage compared to various types of rails.

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