Linear Plain Bearing LM10UU 10mm Optical Axis


The ZLV LM10UU Linear Plain Bearing 10mm Optical Axis offers precise linear motion with minimal friction. Made of plastic, this lightweight, rust-resistant bearing features steel protection, is easy to assemble, and delivers high accuracy and low noise operation. It suits various industrial applications and can be customized upon request.

Linear Plain Bearing LM10UU 10mm Optical Axis

The ZLV LM10UU Linear Plain Bearing is a component of mechanical devices that allows for linear movement with the minimal friction. It is comprised of an outer cylinder, ball bearings, a ball retainer, and two end rings. This structure helps prevent the balls from falling off the track during repeated cycling.


Attribute Value
Model LM10UU
Ball circuit 4
Weight (G/PCS) 30
LM..AJ (adjusted type) LM10-AJ
LM.UU.OP (Open end type) LM10-OP
Size (D mm) 10
Accuracy (J) 0-0.006
Accuracy (P) 0-0.009
Public errand plastics
TYPE Bushing, Steel protection
Unit-price (USD) 0.3

Linear Plain Bearing LM10UU 10mm Optical Axis drawing


  • Precision & Rigidity: The ZLV LM10UU Linear Plain Bearing boasts a high degree of precision due to its hardened outer cylinder and ball bearings. Coupled with strict manufacturing requirements, it guarantees exceptional rigidity and safety during operations.
  • Ease of Assembly: Designed to withstand loads from any direction, its standardized and systematic design allows for ease in assembly and compatibility with various mechanical components.
  • Versatility: The ZLV product line offers a variety of linear bearing options including standard types, clearance adjustment types, open types, extended types, and flange types. This gives customers the flexibility they need in their designs.

Linear Bearing Holder Features

  • Corrosion and Rust Resistance: The bearing holder is crafted from aluminum alloy and undergoes electroplating treatment for an aesthetically pleasing and corrosion-resistant finish. The shaft center is hard chrome-plated to ensure optimal rust resistance.
  • Easy Assembly and Interchangeability: The standardized and systematic design of the linear bearing holder, along with its strict precision requirements, facilitates ease in assembly and interchangeability during maintenance.
  • Smooth Operation and Low Noise: The SC and SME series reduce friction to a minimum due to the contact sliding between the linear bearing and the axis, ensuring smooth operation and low noise.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Its lightweight structure, corrosion resistance, interchangeability, and low cost make it suitable for a variety of machine applications, maximizing performance and achieving substantial labor-saving and automation benefits.

Please note that customizations are available upon request to meet specific customer needs. The detailed design and specifications can be adjusted accordingly.

The ZLV LM10UU Linear Plain Bearing offers superior performance, user-friendly assembly, and cost-effective advantages that cater to a wide range of industrial and mechanical applications.

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