Linear optical axis manufacturer with large inventory, manufactured in China


Linear optical axis  Applicable industries: grinding machines, milling machines, drilling machines, electric discharge machines, wire cutting machines, wood cutting machines, precision measuring equipment, machining centers

Linear optical axis manufacturer with large inventory, manufactured in China

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Material integrity:

A quenched grinding shaft, also known as a linear shaft or precision shaft, is a steel shaft with an induction-hardened outer layer. Grinding finish, hardened appearance and ‘soft’ core mean that the shaft is ideal for linear applications requiring the highest levels of material cleanliness, surface topography, radial and axial uniform case hardening, diameter, taper and roundness, surface finish and straightness. This guarantees optimal performance, minimal maintenance and a long service life.




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Linear axis
Linear Shaft
Linear Shaft

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Applicable industries :

Heavy load industry, Automation industry, Semi-conductor industry, Industrial machine, Medical industry, Green energy industry, Machine tool, Automated storage and retrieval system and etc.Linear optical axis

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