Linear Guide Optical Axis Chromium-plated Rod Machining Chamfer Cylindrical Piston Rod


The Linear Guide Optical Axis Chromium-plated Rod with Machined Chamfer is a versatile, robust, and precision-crafted cylindrical piston rod. It’s made from 45# steel, featuring a hardness of HRC62+2 and a chromium-plated finish. The product is perfect for various industrial applications, offering customizable features such as threading, milling, and chamfering.

Linear Guide Optical Axis Chromium-plated Rod Machining Chamfer Cylindrical Piston Rod

Our product, the ZLV Linear Guide Optical Axis Chromium-plated Rod, is crafted from top-quality 45# steel. Its hardness stands at HRC62+2, demonstrating its durability and longevity. The product features a surface-hardened thickness of 0.8~2.5mm and a roughness range of Ra0.2-0.4. The chromium plating is applied with a thickness between 0.015-0.025mm. Moreover, our rods offer an impressive straightness of 80μm/1000mm, guaranteeing precision in all applications.

Versatility and Usage

This rod finds a wide array of applications, particularly in industrial machinery and associated equipment. It’s ideally suited for use in packaging and printing machinery, woodworking machinery, fitness equipment, power tools, textile machinery, light machinery, and various automated equipment. The rod’s primary function serves as a piston rod in hydraulic pneumatics, engineering machinery, and automotive manufacturing. It also operates as a guide pillar in plastic machinery, a roller shaft in packaging and printing machinery, and a hollow shaft in textile machinery and conveyance machinery.

Product Features

With the implementation of unique grinding and hard chromium electroplating techniques, the surface of our linear optical axis rod achieves a mirror-like finish. This process enhances the rod’s resistance to wear and corrosion. Due to its robustness, it can extend the lifespan of standard precision machinery and instruments.

Linear Guide Optical Axis Chromium-plated Rod Machining Chamfer Cylindrical Piston Rod drawing

Quality Assurance and Services

At ZLV, we are committed to using high-quality 45# steel or bearing steel as the base material for our rods, as per the customers’ requirements. In the event of any quality issues, our company pledges to offer immediate and unconditional replacements.

Machining Process

ZLV’s meticulous manufacturing procedure ensures our rods’ quality. This process includes the following steps: material inventory, material cutoff, initial straightening, initial grinding, secondary straightening, post-plating grinding, electroplating, polishing, first inspection, precision grinding, final polishing, final inspection, packaging, and delivery.

With the precision chamfer processing project, our product offers an accuracy of ±0.002mm and a surface roughness of 1.8um. Furthermore, the product is competitively priced at 0.02 USD per meter.


A standout feature of the ZLV linear guide optical axis rod is its versatility in processing. It can be custom-manufactured to feature internal and external threads, milled keyways, milled slots, turned step shafts, end holes, radial holes, chamfers, and spring slots, providing unmatched flexibility to our customers.

Invest in the ZLV Linear Guide Optical Axis Chromium-plated Rod for a reliable and long-lasting solution to your machinery needs. With the finest materials, precise craftsmanship, and unmatched customer service, you are sure to get the best value for your investment.

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