Linear Flange Bearing LMF25LUU 25mm


The Linear Flange Bearing LMF25LUU is a cost-effective solution for precision motion in industrial applications. It offers advantages like low friction resistance, high rigidity, excellent rotational precision, and simple axial positioning due to its integrated flange design. Ideal for use in electronic devices, machinery, robotics, and more.

Linear Flange Bearing LMF25LUU

The ZLV Linear Flange Bearing LMF25LUU, an integral element in several pieces of everyday equipment, exemplifies technological innovation in its category. Produced under standard ABEC-1 dimension and precision requirements, it meets the needs of an array of general-purpose applications.


The ZLV Linear Flange Bearing LMF25LUU comes with its specifications outlined as follows:

Specification Description
Model LM(F K H)25UU
Ball Circuit 6
Weight (G/PCS) 340
Size (D) mm 25
Public errand accuracy (J) 0-0.007
Public errand accuracy (P) 0-0.001
Type Plastics Bushing, Steel protection
Unit Price (USD) 0.8

Linear Flange Bearing LMF25LUU drawing

Features and Advantages

The distinct feature of the ZLV Linear Flange Bearing LMF25LUU is its integration of the flange with the bearing. Products of this series with a flange on the outer wheel simplify axial positioning and eliminate the need for a bearing housing, making them more economical. When one end of the shaft has no connecting components and needs to be fixed on a plane such as a board or wall, the flange bearing proves its value.

  1. Economy and Simplicity: The integration of the flange with the bearing saves the cost of a separate bearing housing.
  2. Precision Movement: The bearing achieves high-precision smooth movement with minimal friction resistance due to the point contact between the load-bearing ball and the shaft.
  3. High Strength: The use of a small outer diameter steel ball provides the bearing with low friction torque, high rigidity, and excellent rotation precision.
  4. Lightweight and Wiring Space: The hollow shaft ensures the light weight and space for wiring.


The ZLV Linear Flange Bearing LMF25LUU is widely used in electronic devices, tensile testing machines, digital three-dimensional coordinate measurement equipment, and other precision devices. It also finds applications in the sliding components of multi-axis machine tools, punch presses, tool grinding machines, automatic gas cutting machines, printers, card sorters, food packaging machines, and other industrial machinery.

Its other areas of application include various types of industrial equipment, small rotary motors, office equipment, micro-motor soft drives, pressure rotors, dental drills, hard disk motors, stepper motors, video recorder drums, toy models, fans, pulleys, rollers, transmission equipment, entertainment equipment, robots, medical equipment, office equipment, testing instruments, deceleration, speed-changing devices, motor optics, imaging equipment, card readers, electromechanics, precision machinery, power tools, and toys.


In order to prolong the lifespan of the ZLV Linear Flange Bearing LMF25LUU, consider implementing the following measures:

  1. Improved Internal Structure: Ensure the radial gap between the bearing retainer and bearing ring is larger than the eccentricity by improving the internal structure.
  2. Strength Enhancement: Utilize Finite Element Method (FEM) analysis to optimize the shape and thickness, thereby improving the strength of the retainer.
  3. Prevent Surface Damage: Design a guiding groove in the bearing ring to prevent surface damage due to lubricant reduction.

Installation Considerations

The installation of the ZLV Linear Flange Bearing LMF25LUU requires careful consideration to ensure its optimal performance. Keep in mind the following points:

  1. Identify Components: Understand and identify all the components, as incorrect or mixed-up assembly may hinder the system’s performance.
  2. Follow Steps: Clearly define the installation steps and follow them rigorously to avoid any mishaps that could affect the bearing’s effectiveness.
  3. Ensure Correct Positioning: Guarantee that all the components of the flange bearing are correctly positioned and installed as per requirements for optimal results.
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