Linear Flange Bearing LMF12LUU 12mm


The Linear Flange Bearing LMF12LUU is a high-precision, low-friction linear motion system, designed for unlimited travel with cylindrical shafts. It incorporates an integrated flange and bearing for easy axial positioning. Suitable for a vast range of industrial applications, it offers customization options for specific requirements.

Linear Flange Bearing LMF12LUU

ZLV Linear Flange Bearing LMF12LUU is a product that combines efficiency, precision, and durability. It represents a linear motion system manufactured at low cost for unlimited travel used in conjunction with a cylindrical shaft. Due to the load-bearing balls’ point contact with the shaft, the load is minimal. The use of steel balls allows for a smooth, high precision movement with minimal friction resistance.

The linear flange bearing is produced under the ABEC-1 level of dimension and precision requirements, making it suitable for general-purpose applications. It finds its presence in everyday household items, from printers and fax machines to monitors, displaying its technical prowess in various aspects.


Parameter Value
Model LM(F K H)12UU
Ball Circuit 4
Weight (g/pcs) 78
Size D (mm) 12
Public Errand Accuracy J 0-0.006
Public Errand Accuracy P 0-0.009
Material Plastics, Steel
Type Bushing
Additional Features Steel protection
Unit Price (USD) 0.7

The ZLV Linear Flange Bearing LMF12LUU is customizable to meet specific client needs.

Linear Flange Bearing LMF12LUU drawing


  • Integrated Design: The most significant feature of this flange bearing is the integration of the flange and the bearing. This design simplifies axial positioning and makes it economical, showcasing its advantage when one end of the shaft is not connected and needs to be fixed on a flat surface such as a board or a wall.
  • Low Friction Torque and High Rigidity: Small diameter steel balls are used to achieve low friction torque, high rigidity, and excellent rotation precision.
  • Lightweight Design: The use of a hollow shaft ensures lightweight design and wiring space.


ZLV Linear Flange Bearing LMF12LUU is widely used in:

  • Electronic devices
  • Tensile testing machines
  • Digital three-dimensional coordinate measuring equipment
  • Multi-axis machine tools
  • Punches, tool grinders
  • Automatic gas cutters
  • Printers, card sorters
  • Food packaging machines and other industrial machinery sliding parts.

In addition, it is suitable for various industrial equipment, small rotary motors, office equipment, micro-motor soft drives, pressure rotors, dental drills, hard disk motors, stepper motors, video recorder drums, toy models, fans, pulleys, rollers, transmission equipment, entertainment equipment, robots, medical devices, office equipment, testing instruments, reducers, speed change devices, motor optics, imaging equipment, card readers, electromechanical, precision machinery, power tools, toys, and more.

Tips for Prolonging the Life of the Flange Bearing

Here are three steps to extend the life of the flange bearing:

  1. Improve the internal structure to ensure the radial gap between the bearing retainer and the bearing ring is larger than the eccentricity.
  2. Use FEM analysis to optimize shape and plate thickness, thereby improving retainer strength.
  3. Design guide grooves in the bearing ring to prevent surface damage caused by reduced lubricant.

Installation Guidelines

To achieve optimized performance of the ZLV Linear Flange Bearing LMF12LUU, it’s essential to follow these installation guidelines:

  1. Identify the Parts: The linear flange bearing comprises several components. To assemble the system correctly, all the components should be installed in the right order and manner.
  2. Follow the Procedure: Adhere to the outlined installation steps strictly to ensure the bearing reaches its optimal state.
  3. Position Parts Accurately: All components of the linear flange bearing should be correctly positioned to achieve the desired installation effect.
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