KK86 Module Ball Screw Slide Double Track Linear Precision Guide Cross Track


The KK86 Module Ball Screw Slide Double Track Linear Precision Guide Cross Track is an integrated unit that combines the advantages of linear guides and ball screws. Designed for high precision, rigidity, and speed, it is suitable for various industrial applications, including automation, handling, and manufacturing.

KK86 Module Ball Screw Slide Double Track Linear Precision Guide Cross Track

The KK86 Module Ball Screw Slide Double Track Linear Precision Guide Cross Track, designed by ZLV, is a top-notch industrial module that represents innovation in linear movement technology. This precision guide is characterized by its adaptability, precision, and strength. It combines the features of linear guides with ball screws, presenting an integrated design that ensures high rigidity and accuracy.


Here’s a comprehensive look at the KK86’s specifications:

Parameter Value
Model KK86
Vertical Load 50 KG/M
Transverse Load 80 KG/M
Weight 13 KG/M
Unit Price 65 USD/M

KK86 Module Ball Screw Slide Double Track Linear Precision Guide Cross Track drawing

Key Features

Unparalleled Precision:With a high repetitive positioning accuracy of ±0.02 MM, the KK86 module is suitable for applications demanding supreme precision, like medical devices and precision inspection instruments.

Speed and Performance:The KK86 module is exceptionally fast, reaching speeds of up to 0.5 meters per second, and acceleration of up to 9 meters per second. It operates 4-5 times faster than conventional machine tools.

Compact Design:The integration of nut and slider into a unifying structure, along with a high-rigidity U-shaped rail, allows space-saving and significantly reduces assembly time.

Customization:ZLV offers customization for the KK86 model, catering to specific needs in various industries.

Distinctions Between KK Module and Linear Module

The KK Module, also referred to as an industrial robot or single-axis robot, is a motor-driven moving platform constituted by U-shaped linear slide rails guided by ball screws. Its slide seat acts simultaneously as the driving nut of the ball screw and the guiding slider of the linear slide rail. It is known for its high rigidity, high precision, and the ability to bear loads from all four directions.

A Linear Module, otherwise known as a linear guide, represents the automated upgrade unit following linear rails and ball screw linear transmission mechanisms. It can realize linear and curved motion of loads, ensuring more flexible automation and precise positioning.


1.Module Composition

  • KK Module: Integrated screw and rail module with high positioning accuracy, compact size, easy maintenance, and a speed up to 0.5 meters per second.
  • Linear Module: Direct transformation of electrical energy into linear mechanical energy without intermediate conversion mechanisms.

2.Types and Application Scenarios

  • KK Module: Suitable for high precision equipment like medical devices.
  • Linear Module: Ideal for long stroke, high acceleration, quick response, and high precision.

3.Module Application

  • KK Module: Widely used in automatic soldering machines, cutting machines, electronic component production equipment, small assembly lines, etc.
  • Linear Module: Utilized in handling work in production lines, painting operations, the new energy lithium battery industry, automatic soldering industry, and cutting industry.


The KK86 model can be applied in various fields and scenarios:

  • Transportation and Handling: For movement of items on conveyors, saving human resources and increasing efficiency.
  • Spray Painting: For painting operations, such as PCB board refinement and printing.
  • Energy Sector: In the manufacturing stages of lithium batteries.
  • Welding Industry: High positioning accuracy makes it suitable for complex circuit board parts.
  • Cutting Industry: Balanced motion paired with cutting tools for operations like PCB circuit board cutting.

In summary, the KK86 Module Ball Screw Slide by ZLV represents a powerful, versatile, and customizable solution for various industrial applications. Its design and functional features set a new standard in precision and efficiency, opening doors to a new era of industrial automation.

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