KK100 Module Ball Screw Slide Double Track Linear Precision Guide Cross Track


The KK100 Module Ball Screw Slide offers a double track linear precision guide with a cross track feature. It’s designed for high precision and rigidity, incorporating U-shaped linear guide rails and ball screws. Ideal for various industrial applications, it provides a versatile solution for automation needs.

KK100 Module Ball Screw Slide Double Track Linear Precision Guide Cross Track

The ZLV KK100 Module Ball Screw Slide Double Track Linear Precision Guide Cross Track represents a perfect convergence of functionality, robust design, and innovative engineering. It is a crucial component for many industrial and automation processes.


KK Module, also known as an industrial robot, linear module, linear slide table, electric cylinder, mechanical arm, and more, is a motor-driven moving platform. The design incorporates U-shaped linear guide rails and ball screws, providing high rigidity and precision. With the 2-row Gothic arch and a 45° contact angle design for the steel ball rolling surface, it can bear loads from all directions, offering complete versatility in the X, Y, and Z axes.

Linear Module refers to an upgraded version of linear guides and ball screw linear transmission units, allowing flexibility in automation with precise positioning. It facilitates linear and curved motion for light loads.


The following table outlines the specific parameters of the KK100 model:

Specification Value
Model KK100
Vertical Load (KG/M) 60
Transverse Load (KG/M) 120
Weight (KG/M) 15
Unit Price (USD/M) 70


KK Module Advantages

  • High Precision: Accuracy up to ±0.02MM.
  • Compact Design: Requires small installation space.
  • Maintenance-Free: No need for long-term maintenance.
  • High-Speed Operation: Speeds up to 0.5 meters per second and acceleration up to 9 meters per second.

Linear Module Advantages

  • Simple Structure: Enables long stroke, high acceleration, quick response, and high precision.
  • Flexibility: Enables cutting-edge positioning, gripping, and transporting via electronic devices.


Module Composition

  • KK Module: Integrated screw module with high positioning accuracy, suitable for most precision devices.
  • Linear Module: An automation upgrade unit that follows the linear guide and ball screw linear transmission structure.

Types and Application Differences

  • KK Module: Suitable for precision devices like medical instruments and precision inspection equipment.
  • Linear Module: Directly converts electric energy into linear mechanical energy, ideal for large stroke and high acceleration applications.


KK Module:Widely used in automation equipment like soldering machines, screw locking machines, coating machines, component handling, automatic labeling machines, cutting machines, packaging machines, and more.

Linear Module:Applied in production line handling work, spray painting operations, new energy lithium battery industry, automatic soldering industry, cutting industry, and more.


The ZLV KK100 is customizable to meet various industry needs and specific requirements, allowing it to adapt to different operational settings seamlessly.

The ZLV KK100 is not just a product; it’s a complete solution for modern industrial applications that require high precision, flexibility, and efficiency. Its modular design, robust construction, and innovative features make it an indispensable asset for any production line or automated process. By choosing the ZLV KK100, you’re investing in technology that is designed to drive success and deliver results.

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