Hollow Optical Shaft Chrome-plated Hollow Shaft Hollow Hard Shaft Flexible Shaft WCSK50


The WCSK50 is a hollow optical shaft, featuring chrome-plating, offering both hollow hard and flexible shaft options. Made from high-quality 45# steel, it delivers robust performance in hydraulic and pneumatic applications, automation, and more. This product supports customization to meet diverse industrial needs.

Hollow Optical Shaft Chrome-plated Hollow Shaft Hollow Hard Shaft Flexible Shaft WCSK50

Introducing the ZLV Hollow Optical Shaft: a WCSK50 Chrome-plated Hollow Hard Shaft Flexible Shaft meticulously crafted for high performance. This hollow optical shaft is primarily utilized in hydraulic pneumatic, construction machinery, automobile manufacturing piston rods, plastic machinery guide columns and guide rods, roller shafts of packaging machinery and printing machinery, textile machinery, and central shafts of conveyor machinery.


Parameter WCSK50
Model WCSK50
Outer Diameter 50
Tolerance G6 -0.006-0.017
Quenching Thickness 1 (hard shaft), 0 (flexible shaft)
Inside Diameter 38-26
Wall Thickness 6-7
Load 550 N/M
Weight 15 KG/M
Unit Price 2.2 USD per meter

Hollow Optical Shaft Chrome-plated Hollow Shaft Hollow Hard Shaft Flexible Shaft WCSK50 drawing


Our hollow optical shaft is made of high-quality 45# steel, characterized by its hardness of HRC62+2. The surface hardness thickness is 0.8~2.5mm, and it has a surface roughness of Ra0.2-0.4. The hard chromium thickness is 0.015-0.025mm, and it maintains a straightness of 80μm/1000mm.


Our hollow optical shaft is widely used across various industrial machines and supporting equipment, including packaging and printing machinery, woodworking machinery, fitness equipment, power tools, textile machinery, light industrial machinery, and automation equipment.


This WCSK50 hollow optical shaft from ZLV undergoes special grinding and hard chrome plating technology, further polished to a mirror finish. This gives it superior wear resistance and corrosion resistance characteristics. Thanks to its hardness, it can prolong the service life of ordinary precision machinery and equipment.

Quality Assurance

At ZLV, we ensure that our hollow optical shaft is crafted from high-quality 45# steel or bearing steel as per customer requirements.


ZLV guarantees quality. If any quality issues arise with our products, we unconditionally provide a timely exchange for you.

Manufacturing Details

Our manufacturing process for the hollow optical shaft is precise and meticulous. It includes material storage, material cut-off, 1st straightening, 1st grinding, 2nd straightening, post-plating grinding, electroplating, polishing, 1st inspection, 2nd precision grinding, polishing, inspection, packaging, and delivery.

The ZLV Hollow Optical Shaft WCSK50 offers superior performance, making it an indispensable component in various industries. We stand by our quality commitment, ready to provide superior customer service and solutions.

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