Hollow Optical Shaft Chrome-plated Hollow Shaft Hollow Hard Shaft Flexible Shaft WCSK40


The WCSK40 is a versatile hollow optical shaft featuring a chrome-plated finish. Manufactured from premium 45# steel, this shaft exhibits exceptional hardness and corrosion resistance. Suitable for diverse industrial applications, it extends the service life of machinery due to its superior durability and strength.

Hollow Optical Shaft Chrome-plated Hollow Shaft Hollow Hard Shaft Flexible Shaft WCSK40

ZLV presents an exemplary model of mechanical precision and quality with its WCSK40 Hollow Optical Shaft. Engineered with outstanding craftsmanship, the shaft shines with its chrome-plated finish and offers impressive robustness, flexibility, and durability.

The WCSK40 model is primarily designed for use in various industries such as hydraulic pneumatics, engineering machinery, automotive manufacturing, plastic machinery, packaging machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, and conveyance machinery. Made from premium 45# steel, it possesses an unrivaled strength, ensured by a hardness level of HRC62+2.

Material and Specifications

Here are the key specifications:

Parameter Value
Outer diameter 40 (Tolerance G6 -0.006-0.017)
Quenching thickness (mm) Hard shaft: 1; Flexible shaft: 0
Inside diameter 30-28
Wall thickness 5-6
Load 500 N/M
Weight 9.8 KG/M
Unit price/meter 1.8 USD

Surface roughness: Ra0.2-0.4 Surface hardening thickness: 0.8~2.5mm Chromium thickness: 0.015-0.025mm Straightness: 80μm/1000mm

Hollow Optical Shaft Chrome-plated Hollow Shaft Hollow Hard Shaft Flexible Shaft WCSK40 drawing


The WCSK40 Hollow Optical Shaft finds extensive usage in packaging and printing machinery, woodworking machinery, fitness equipment, electric tools, textile machinery, light industry machinery, automation equipment, and various other industrial machinery and supporting equipment.


With the surface of the straight optical shaft treated with special grinding and hard chrome plating technology, followed by mirror polishing, the WCSK40 stands out for its wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Its hardness also significantly extends the service life of ordinary precision machinery instruments.

Quality Assurance and Service

The raw material for the production of the optical shaft is premium 45# steel or bearing steel, customizable according to customer requirements. In the unlikely event of quality issues with any product sold, ZLV offers unconditional and prompt replacement services.

Manufacturing Process

The WCSK40 Hollow Optical Shaft undergoes a meticulous production process, including: material storage, material cutting, initial straightening, initial grinding, secondary straightening, post-plating grinding, electroplating, polishing, first inspection, precision grinding, secondary polishing, final inspection, packaging, and delivery.

In conclusion, ZLV’s WCSK40 Hollow Optical Shaft combines superior materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and stringent quality control, offering an unrivaled choice for diverse industrial applications.

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