Hollow Optical Shaft Chrome-plated Hollow Shaft Hollow Hard Shaft Flexible Shaft WCSK12


The Hollow Optical Shaft WCSK12 is a chrome-plated, hollow hard, and flexible shaft, primarily used in industrial machinery. It’s made from high-quality 45# steel with advanced grinding and chrome plating for improved wear resistance and corrosion protection. It’s customizable, allowing for diverse application possibilities.

Hollow Optical Shaft Chrome-plated Hollow Shaft Hollow Hard Shaft Flexible Shaft WCSK12

The ZLV Hollow Optical Shaft, denoted as model WCSK12, is a top-tier industrial product that brings together superior chrome plating, hollow hard and flexible shaft characteristics, all packaged into a single, state-of-the-art machinery component. This hollow optical shaft, also referred to as a straight optical shaft, finds a wide range of applications in hydraulic pneumatic, engineering machinery, automobile manufacturing piston rods, plastic machinery guide columns and guide rods, packaging machinery, printing machinery roller shafts, textile machinery, and conveying machinery shafts.

Material Composition

Our WCSK12 shaft is crafted from top-quality 45# steel, ensuring a robust and durable construction that can withstand intense operating conditions. This material offers a hardness level of HRC62+2 and features a surface roughening roughness of Ra0.2-0.4. The shaft undergoes special grinding and hard chromium electroplating technologies. It is characterized by a surface hardening thickness of 0.8~2.5mm and a hard chrome thickness of 0.015-0.025mm. The straightness of the shaft is guaranteed to be within 80μm/1000mm.

Size Details

Please refer to the following table for a detailed breakdown of the WCSK12 Hollow Optical Shaft parameters:

Parameters WCSK12 Shaft
Outer diameter 12 MM
Tolerance G6 -0.002-0.008
Quenching thickness (Hard shaft) 0.6 MM
Quenching thickness (Flexible shaft) 0.0 MM
Inside diameter 6-5 MM
Wall thickness 3-3.5 MM
Load 200 N/M
Weight 0.89 KG/M
Unit price per meter USD 1.5

Note that the ZLV brand guarantees customization to meet any specific requirements regarding the product’s dimensions.

Hollow Optical Shaft Chrome-plated Hollow Shaft Hollow Hard Shaft Flexible Shaft WCSK12 drawing


The unique grinding and chrome plating methods on the surface of our WCSK12 shaft, complemented by mirror polishing, ensure the product boasts exceptional wear resistance and corrosion resistance properties. Its rigidity extends the life of ordinary precision machinery and equipment significantly.

Quality Assurance

At ZLV, the raw materials used for manufacturing the hollow optical shaft are strictly top-quality 45# steel or bearing steel. We guarantee the highest quality of our products. If there are any issues concerning the quality, we pledge to unconditionally and promptly replace the product.


In case of any quality issues, ZLV offers an unconditional and timely product replacement, ensuring you are always satisfied with your purchase.

Production Process

Our detailed and rigorous manufacturing process includes the following steps: material storage → material cutoff → first straightening → first grinding → second straightening → post-plating grinding → electroplating → polishing → first inspection → precision grinding → polishing → inspection → packaging → shipping.

This extensive process ensures every WCSK12 Hollow Optical Shaft you purchase from ZLV is the epitome of superior craftsmanship, precision engineering, and utmost dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

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