DFU5010 6.35mm Double Nut Grinding Heavy Duty Ball Screw

The DFU5010 6.35mm Double Nut Grinding Heavy Duty Ball Screw is a top-notch mechanical component with a 50mm shaft diameter and 10mm lead. Featuring low friction loss, high transmission efficiency, and unparalleled precision, this product ensures high-speed feed and excellent axial rigidity. Customizable for unique application requirements, it significantly enhances performance and durability in demanding operations.

DFU5010 6.35mm Double Nut Grinding Heavy Duty Ball Screw

The ZLV DFU5010 6.35mm Double Nut Grinding Heavy Duty Ball Screw is a vital mechanical component enabling linear motion and high precision positioning in various fields of application. This ball screw is designed for heavy-duty applications, delivering high-efficiency transmission and low friction losses.


Parameter Value
Model DFU5010
Shaft Diameter (d/mm) 50
Lead (I/mm) 10
Steel Ball Diameter (mm) 6.35
Nut Size D: 75, A: 110, B: 16, L: 171, W: 93, H: 96, X: 11, Q: M8, n: 1*4, Ca: 6004
Load 16
Weight 2.5
Unit Price (USD) 34
Quantity (Screw rod/M) 35
Quantity (Nut/Pcs) 1

Please note that the product dimensions and details can be customized to meet specific client needs.

DFU5010 6.35mm Double Nut Grinding Heavy Duty Ball Screw drawing

Ball Screw Characteristics

The DFU5010 ball screw comes with the following characteristics:

  1. High Transmission Efficiency and Low Friction Loss: The ball screw offers higher transmission efficiency due to the rolling movement of many balls between the screw shaft and the screw nut.
  2. High Precision: The ball screw is produced with the world’s top-level mechanical equipment to ensure the highest precision level. The strict control of the manufacturing environment, including temperature and humidity, contributes to ensuring its quality.
  3. Capability for High-Speed Feed and Micro Feed: Thanks to the use of ball movement, the ball screw ensures precise micro feeds without the crawling phenomenon associated with sliding motion.
  4. High Axial Rigidity: The DFU5010 ball screw can achieve high rigidity through preloading, which enhances the rigidity of the nut part by applying pressure to the balls inside the screw.
  5. Reversibility: The DFU5010 ball screw offers transmission reversibility, meaning it cannot self-lock.

Ball Screw Classification

The ZLV DFU5010 Ball Screw can be classified into four types:

  1. Self-lubricating Ball Screw: Reduces the need for oil-changing and waste oil handling costs.
  2. Silent Ball Screw: Uses a special groove ball spacer to suppress collision-generated noise, ensuring quieter and smoother operation.
  3. High-Speed Ball Screw: Features high acceleration, high rigidity, high-speed feed, low vibration, and low noise.
  4. Heavy Load Ball Screw: Able to bear large axial loads, suitable for devices such as all-electric design machines, air compressors, semiconductor manufacturing devices, and forging manufacturing devices.

Ball Screw Parameters

  1. Nominal Diameter: The outer diameter of the screw. The common specifications are 12, 14, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 80, 100, 120.
  2. Lead: The distance the nut moves in a straight line when the screw rotates one revolution. The lead is closely related to the movement speed of the nut and the linear thrust provided by the ball screw. The relationship between lead and screw thrust is expressed as F = (2πT*n) / i, where F is the screw thrust (N), T is the torque provided by the motor (N·m), n is the transmission efficiency (85%-95% for ball screws), and i is the lead (m).
  3. Length: This includes the overall length and the threaded length. Some manufacturers only calculate the total length, but some require the thread length.
  4. Nut Form: Various forms of nuts are presented in the product sample of each manufacturer. It is recommended to choose a conventional form to avoid problems with the delivery of spare parts during maintenance.
  5. Precision: The precision level of the ball screw. In China, the precision levels are P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P7, P10.

The ZLV DFU5010 Ball Screw is specifically designed to provide smooth, precise, and high-efficiency linear motion in a variety of applications, including machine tools, industrial machinery, precision instruments, and more.

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