DFU2510 4.762mm Double Nut Grinding Heavy Duty Ball Screw


The DFU2510 4.762mm Double Nut Grinding Heavy Duty Ball Screw is a high-performance mechanical component with a 25mm shaft diameter and a 10mm lead. It’s precision-ground for optimal efficiency, provides excellent load bearing at 2954N, and features a customizable design for various applications.

DFU2510 4.762mm Double Nut Grinding Heavy Duty Ball Screw

Introducing the DFU2510 4.762mm Double Nut Grinding Heavy Duty Ball Screw, a powerful, efficient and precision-focused component crafted by ZLV, a brand renowned for manufacturing exceptional and high-quality products. This ball screw is characterized by high transmission efficiency, precision, high-speed feed, and high axial stiffness.

Specifications and Parameters

The following table provides a summary of the DFU2510 ball screw’s crucial specifications and parameters:

Parameter Value
Model specifications DFU2510
Shaft diameter (d/mm) 25
Lead (I/mm) 10
Steel ball diameter (mm) 4.762
Nut size D:40, A:62, B:12, L:145, W:51, H:48, X:6.6,Q:M6,n:1*4
Load (Ca) 2954
Weight (Screw rod/M, nut/pcs) 3.8, 0.6
Unit price (USD) (Screw rod/M, nut/pcs) 7.4, 20

DFU2510 4.762mm Double Nut Grinding Heavy Duty Ball Screw drawing


The DFU2510 Heavy Duty Ball Screw offers an array of impressive features that makes it stand out from other similar products:

  • Low Friction Loss and High Transmission Efficiency: The steel balls between the screw shaft and the screw nut of this ball screw ensure rolling motion, which results in high motion efficiency. With a driving torque of less than 1/3 compared to sliding screw pairs, it effectively reduces power consumption.
  • High Precision: Crafted using the highest level of machinery and rigorous controls of temperature and humidity, our ball screws offer exceptional precision.
  • High-Speed Feed and Micro Feed: With minimal starting torque, it ensures precision in micro-feed without the crawling phenomenon seen in sliding motion.
  • High Axial Stiffness: Preload can be added to the ball screw to achieve high rigidity, significantly increasing the stiffness of the nut part.
  • Irreversible Transmission: Our ball screws cannot self-lock, providing reversible transmission.

The DFU2510 ball screw consists of a screw, nut, steel ball, preload plate, reverser, and dust cover. It falls under the category of heavy load ball screws, capable of bearing substantial axial loads, and is suitable for complete electric design machines, air compressors, semiconductor manufacturing devices, and forging manufacturing devices.

Lead and Thrust Relationship

The lead or pitch of the ball screw refers to the distance the nut moves in a linear direction when the screw rotates one full turn. For the DFU2510, the lead is 10mm. As the lead increases, the linear movement speed increases for the same rotational speed. The relationship between nut movement speed (v), screw rotational speed (r), and lead (i) is:

v = r * i

The relationship between screw thrust (F), the torque provided by the motor (T), transmission efficiency (n), and lead (i) is:

F = (2 * π * T * n) / i

Nut Forms

The DFU2510 Ball Screw features a double nut design that allows preload adjustment. This design choice enhances stiffness without affecting load bearing capacity. This high precision ball screw is a remarkable blend of high efficiency, superb precision, and outstanding durability, making it a top choice for demanding applications. This versatile product is customizable according to customer needs and requirements.


Precision is paramount in a ball screw. The DFU2510 ball screw guarantees high precision for your applications. In China, the precision grades are P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P7, P10. In contrast, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan adopt the JIS grade, namely C0, C1, C2, C3, C5, C7, C10. European countries use the IT0, IT1, IT2, IT3, IT4, IT5, IT7, IT10 standard.

In conclusion, the DFU2510 4.762mm Double Nut Grinding Heavy Duty Ball Screw is an exemplar of efficiency, precision, and high performance, making it an ideal choice for any demanding industrial application.

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