Bolt Type Wheel Roller Needle CAM Bearing CF6-KR16 16mm


The Bolt Type Wheel Roller Needle CAM Bearing CF6-KR16 16mm is a specialized bearing with an outer ring filled with needle rollers. Designed for external rotation, it offers low friction and high rotational performance, making it suitable for applications like machine tools, industrial robots, and electronic devices.

Bolt Type Wheel Roller Needle CAM Bearing CF6-KR16 16mm

The Bolt Type Wheel Roller Needle CAM Bearing CF6-KR16 16mm is an innovative product by ZLV. Designed with precision, this bearing consists of an outer ring filled with needle rollers, engineered for external rotation. With minimized friction coefficient and excellent rotational performance, it’s made to last longer and perform under heavy load conditions.

Technical Specifications

The following table gives a detailed view of the product’s technical specifications:

Parameter Specification
Model CF6-KR16
Outer Diameter (D) 16 mm
B1 28.2 mm
d1 M6*1
Load Capacity (C) 270
Weight per Piece (G) 100
Unit Price (USD/meter) 0.3

Bolt Type Wheel Roller Needle CAM Bearing CF6-KR16 16mm drawing

Features and Design

1. Precision Engineering

The radial clearance of this bearing is designed smaller than general needle roller bearings. It helps to cushion the shock loads effectively, resulting in a more stable and longer lifespan. The threaded or graded processed rod ends ensure easy installation.

2. Versatility

CF6-KR16 is a standard CAM follower bearing (CF…B). With rod-end diameters ranging from a minimum of 3mm to a maximum of 30mm, the size options are extensive and can fit a multitude of applications.

3. High Rigidity and Accuracy

This bearing offers high rigidity and precision, making it widely used in machine tools, industrial robots, electronic component devices, office automation equipment, and more.

4. Exceptional Corrosion Resistance

The stainless steel used in the manufacturing of this CAM follower bearing provides superior corrosion resistance. It’s perfect for environments where oil or grease can’t be used or where moisture and dust are present.


ZLV offers customization for the CF6-KR16 16mm CAM Bearing, giving you the flexibility to meet your specific requirements.


  • Machine Tools: Suitable for intricate machining applications.
  • Industrial Robots: Offers seamless movement in robotic applications.
  • Electronic Component Devices: Ensures precision in the assembly line.
  • Office Automation Equipment: Enhances the efficiency of automated office systems.


  • Durability: Designed for stability and long life.
  • Ease of Installation: Threaded rod ends allow quick and simple installation.
  • Variety of Sizes: Rich size availability for diverse applications.
  • Environment Compatibility: Apt for oil-restricted or moisture-prone areas.

Final Thoughts

The Bolt Type Wheel Roller Needle CAM Bearing CF6-KR16 16mm by ZLV provides an excellent solution to various industrial needs. Combining unique design, impeccable quality, and adaptability, it’s set to revolutionize the bearing market. Reach out to ZLV to explore more about this state-of-the-art bearing or to place a customized order.

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