Bolt Type Wheel Roller Needle CAM Bearing CF4-KR12 12mm


The Bolt Type Wheel Roller Needle CAM Bearing CF4-KR12 12mm is a specialized bearing with needle rollers in the outer ring. Designed for reduced friction and enhanced rotational performance, it offers high rigidity and precision, making it suitable for various industrial applications.

Bolt Type Wheel Roller Needle CAM Bearing CF4-KR12 12mm

ZLV presents the CF4-KR12, a Bolt Type Wheel Roller Needle CAM Bearing designed for robust performance in industrial applications. Below, we cover the specifics of this bearing’s design, advantages, and applications.

Specifications and Design

The CF4-KR12 CAM Bearing is a particular type of bearing with needle rollers incorporated into the outer ring and rod ends. This design is meant to reduce friction coefficients, thus enhancing rotational performance. Here’s a detailed look at the product’s specifications:

Specification Value
Model CF4-KR12
Outer Diameter 12mm
Inner Diameter M4*0.7
Load 180
Weight (G/PCS) 80
Unit Price/USD 0.4

The radial clearance of this bearing is smaller than general needle bearings to effectively increase the load domain. This helps absorb shock loads and ensures a longer, stable lifespan. Additionally, the rod ends have threaded or graded machining to simplify installation.


Design Features and Customization

The Bolt Type Wheel Roller Needle CAM Bearing CF4-KR12 follows the standard CF and CR series. The standard CF design means that rod-end diameters range from 3mm to 30mm, providing varied dimensions for wide applications.

For particular needs, ZLV also offers customization options to cater to different industries.


  1. High Rigidity & Precision: Suitable for CAM mechanisms and linear motion applications, providing high stiffness and accuracy.
  2. Corrosion Resistance: Stainless steel construction offers excellent corrosion resistance, suitable for environments where grease cannot be used, or where there might be water splashes or dust-free rooms.
  3. Cost-Effective: With a unit price of just USD 0.4 per meter, the CF4-KR12 offers a balance of performance and cost-efficiency.


  • Machine Tools: To achieve high precision and performance.
  • Industrial Robots: For efficient movement and weight-bearing.
  • Electronic Component Devices: Ensuring optimal functionality.
  • Office Automation Equipment: Enhancing overall productivity.

Final Remarks

ZLV’s Bolt Type Wheel Roller Needle CAM Bearing CF4-KR12 12mm is more than a bearing; it’s a component engineered to drive efficiency, stability, and innovation across various industries. With specifications that demonstrate strength and design features that provide versatility, it stands as a reliable choice for modern industrial applications.

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