Ball Type Linear Slide ​Square Guide Rail HGW45CA 60mm*45mm*120mm


The ZLV Ball Type Linear Slide Square Guide Rail HGW45CA 60mm45mm120mm is a high-rigidity, high-load capacity guide rail. Its advanced ball type linear slide design ensures precise, smooth motion, while its square rail and compact size allow for diverse applications in automation machinery and compact equipment.

Ball Type Linear Slide ​Square Guide Rail HGW45CA 60mm*45mm*120mm

The ZLV Ball Type Linear Slide Square Guide Rail HGW45CA is a premium grade guide rail known for its impeccable functionality and superior design. Engineered with the state-of-the-art ball type linear slide technology, it guarantees efficient, smooth, and accurate linear motion in various applications. The square rail design ensures enhanced rigidity and strength, making it an ideal choice for high-load handling and high-speed automation machinery as well as compact equipment with space constraints.


Category Parameter Value
Dimensions Total Height (H) 60mm
Rail Width (WR) 45mm
Slider Width (W) 120mm
Fastening Slide Rail Fixing Screw(mm) m12*35
Load and Weight Rail Load (C/KN) 77.75 C/KN
Slide Weight (KG/PCS) 2.79kg/pcs
Rail Weight (KG/M) 10.41kg/m
Pricing Guide Rail Price (USD) $31
Slider Price (USD) $18

Ball Type Linear Slide ​Square Guide Rail HGW45CA 60mm*45mm*120mm drawing

The HGW45CA model boasts a total height of 60mm and a rail width of 45mm. With a slider width of 120mm, this model is built to withstand significant loads. Users can secure it with m12*35 slide rail fixing screws. The rail accommodates a load up to 77.57KN, with each slide weighing around 2.79kg and the rail weighing approximately 10.41kg per meter. The price for each guide rail stands at $31, while each slider costs $18.

Please note that the product can be customized to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Features and Advantages

  1. High Rigidity and Load Capacity: The guide rail, designed with four rows of steel balls, boasts high rigidity and load-bearing capacity, ensuring optimal performance even under demanding conditions.
  2. Four-Direction Equal Load Features: The guide rail is equipped with the unique characteristic of withstanding equal loads from four directions, providing greater flexibility and adaptability in diverse operations.
  3. Automatic Centering Function: This function enables the absorption of assembly errors on the mounting surface, ensuring high precision in various applications.
  4. Compact Design: With its reduced assembly height and shortened slider length, the guide rail is suitable for high-speed automated industry machinery and compact equipment with limited space.
  5. Smooth and Accurate Movement: The ball type linear slide technology ensures a smooth, frictionless, and precise linear motion, reducing wear and tear and enhancing the lifespan of your machinery.
  6. Customizability: The product can be customized according to the customer’s specific requirements, offering a flexible solution that can be tailored to a variety of applications and settings.
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