Ball Type Linear Slide Square Guide Rail HGW15CA 24mm*15mm*47mm


The ZLV HGW15CA is a ball-type linear slide square guide rail, offering high load capacity and four-direction load equalization. It measures 24mm in height, 15mm in rail width, and 47mm in slider width, and features a self-aligning function, making it ideal for high-speed automation and compact spaces.

Ball Type Linear Slide Square Guide Rail HGW15CA 24mm*15mm*47mm

The ZLV Ball Type Linear Slide Square Guide Rail, model HGW15CA, is a top-grade product designed for high-speed automation and small-sized devices with strict spatial requirements. A four-row ball bearing design ensures high rigidity and substantial load capacity. This linear guide showcases the ability to withstand equal loads in all four directions while offering a self-aligning function. It can absorb assembly errors on the installation surface, guaranteeing high precision requirements.


Category Parameter Value
Dimensions Total Height (H) 24mm
Rail Width (WR) 15mm
Slider Width (W) 47mm
Fastening Slide Rail Fixing Screw(mm) m4*16
Load and Weight Rail Load (C/KN) 11.38 C/KN
Slide Weight (KG/PCS) 0.17kg/pcs
Rail Weight (KG/M) 1.45kg/m
Pricing Guide Rail Price (USD) $7
Slider Price (USD) $2.8

Customizable dimensions are available to meet unique customer needs.

Ball Type Linear Slide Square Guide Rail HGW15CA 24mm*15mm*47mm drawing

Features and Advantages

  • Four-Row Ball Bearing Design: Provides high rigidity, ensuring stable and smooth motion.
  • High Load Capacity: Thanks to its design, this linear guide rail can bear a substantial load, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications.
  • Four-Direction Equal Load Feature: The HGW15CA can handle equal loads from all four directions—top, bottom, left, and right.
  • Self-Aligning Function: Capable of automatically correcting alignment errors on the installation surface.
  • Compact Size: Its compact dimensions (24mm height, 15mm rail width, 47mm slider width) make it ideal for use in limited space conditions.
  • Versatility: It can be utilized in a wide array of applications, including high-speed automation industry machinery and small-sized devices with stringent spatial requirements.

The ZLV HGW15CA Ball Type Linear Slide Square Guide Rail is the perfect combination of high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology, offering reliability and precision in various applications.

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