Cylindrical Guide Rail​

Cylindrical Guide Rail

A comprehensive solution tailored to your budget and customized requirements

Precision & Reliability

Screw holes are drilled after axis hardening for utmost accuracy. The bushing bearing excels in harsh environments, like semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries.

Cost & Versatile

Low production cost, quick production cycle, and simplified installation save time and effort. Versatility: Suitable for challenging environments, including food processing, and offers resilience against impact loads.

Ease of Maintenance

Regular upkeep is hassle-free, reducing downtime and maintenance costs for long-term savings.

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About ZLV

Factory Capability
Production Process
Application Industries

Standard specification product

SBR12 40mm*30mm*41mm
ZLV presents the Open Linear Optical Axis Guide Slider Bearing SBR12. This product features a design combining...
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SBR16 45mm*40mm*45mm
ZLV presents an innovation in the field of linear movement and motion systems with the Open Linear Optical...
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SBR20 50mm*45mm*48mm
The ZLV Open Linear Optical Axis Guide Slider Bearing SBR20 is an integral component of any...
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TBR25 60mm*65mm*82mm
The ZLV Open Linear Optical Axis Guide Slider Bearing TBR25 60mm65mm82mm is a high-grade, precision manufactured...
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